A Return To First Love

By Kathi Pelton

As revival and awakening touches our college campuses and the younger generation— the Lord has a gift for those mothers/fathers and grandmothers/grandfathers. The word is,

“I am sovereignly drawing you back into first love! First love will resurrect your heart, renew your strength and ignite a holy fire in you. The crown of wisdom upon your head will be polished bringing instruction and a pure posture of shepherding for what I am doing.”

This past week has been a gift to me of the remembrance of His faithfulness from when I first believed. Yet, a keen awareness of His faithfulness throughout the decades of walking with Him is now laced through my story. It is first love intermingled with a testimony of His constant faithfulness.

Rather than seeing the many mistakes that I’ve made throughout my journey— all I see is His faithfulness amid my humanity. My brokenness has been clothed with His beauty and my sins covered with His righteousness. And— the purity of first love— the first love that takes your breath away and colors your outlook with vibrant life and joy— has come upon me.

The joy that comes from decades of experiencing His faithful love will be oil on the fire that is coming upon the youth. It will purify and keep the fire burning. The mothers and fathers will be throwing pure oil on the flames of revival in the days ahead.

They will burn with the fire of first love igniting a Jesus revolution that spans the generations.

“When I found the One my heart loves, I held him and would not let him go…” Song of Solomon 3:4

I have found the One my soul loves! BRING US ALL BACK TO FIRST LOVE!


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2 responses to “A Return To First Love”

  1. Kathi. This post echoes what I believe is happening as well. The “drawing us back to our first Love” for Jesus. His faithfulness throughout the years of our journeys. Seeing the revival occur in another generation is once again, a beautiful fire of His love and faithfulness. A blessing to have found your site today.

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    1. Thank you so much Cary! Oh, that we would all return to our First Love!


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