A Deliverance From Desolation Is Coming Upon the Upright

By Kathi Pelton

Today the Lord was speaking to me out of Psalm 107 and said, “This is for my people who have been crying out to me.”

“For He has satisfied the thirsty and filled the hungry with good things.” Vs. 9

This verse comes after many people had been wandered in a desolate wilderness— causing them to thirst, hunger and even causing their spirits to fail within them. But they cried out to the Lord in their trouble and He hears their cry— rescuing them. He then leads them on a right path that brings them to a place that they can dwell and see His faithfulness.

Some of you have been wandering in a desolate wilderness— as you cry out to God alone— He will rescue you! He is bringing you into a place that is without gloom or bondages— it will be like going from a pit to a palace or from storm to stillness. If you have been in a wilderness of isolation, thirst, hunger and wandering— get ready to be led to a home and a land of harvest.

Others of you have felt like you’ve been on a storm tossed ship and cannot find your way to a safe harbor. But He has heard your cry and He is bringing you into safe harbor, into a place that you can dwell in safety, rest, heal and receive all that you need.

Both the wilderness wanderer and those who have been on storm tossed vessels will find a place where you will be established in blessings— a place flowing with refreshing springs and where abundance will be realized. His blessings upon you will be multiplied. Begin to praise Him and rejoice— for He has heard your cry.

“But He lifts the needy out of their suffering and makes their families multiply like flocks.” Vs. 41

The upright, who have turned to God in their distress, are about to experience the Lord’s acts of mercy and His faithful love.


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2 responses to “A Deliverance From Desolation Is Coming Upon the Upright”

  1. Jennifer Casey Avatar
    Jennifer Casey

    Thank you for this Awesome Word Kathi!



    1. You are welcome! Thank you Jesus!


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