The Lord Said To Tell You, “This Too Will Pass During Passover.”

By Kathi Pelton

Today (The first day of Passover 2023) the Spirit said to me,

“Tell those facing difficult and painful times, ‘This too will pass.’ For I Am the Passover Lamb and My blood is upon the doorpost of your life.”

Just as the blood of a unblemished lamb was placed on the doorposts of the homes of the Israelites while living in the captivity of Egypt that protected them from the plague that would finally set them free from slavery— even now the blood of the Lamb of God is upon your head and your home. During this Passover season a deliverance is coming to set many free from harsh circumstances that have burdened you and from chains that have enslaved you to pain. The blood of Jesus is upon you— to save you and deliver you from evil.

I encourage you to take communion throughout the time of Passover (Evening of Wed, Apr 5, 2023 – Evening of Thu, Apr 13, 2023) and stand in faith that deliverance is coming!


Give an offering as a seed sown into your breakthrough as Passover begins. If you would like to sow into our ministry, go to:

OR, you can mail a gift to: Inscribe Ministries / 149 NE Ocean Loop / Hillsboro, Oregon 97124 USA

2 responses to “The Lord Said To Tell You, “This Too Will Pass During Passover.””

  1. hunt4bgmailcom Avatar

    The Lord Said To Tell You, “This Too Will Pass During Passover.”


  2. Thank you for the encouraging words Kati.
    In my simple prayer I had reflected the same thoughts: “Lord YOU who brought the children of Israel out of Egypt- then I placed myself right there and deliverance was strong in my spirit Kati. I’m standing in Faith with great expectation.
    I pray blessings on you and your family.
    Love you my dear sister.

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