Come To The Table

By Kathi Pelton

In the early months of 2020– I was taken into a vision that deeply impacted me. In this vision I saw the Lord knocking on the door of His bride’s heart. Without hesitation she quickly responded and opened the door to him. When she opened the door of her heart to him, the Lord looked in but it was so crowded with “things about him” that there was no place for him to come in. He desired to come in to dwell— not merely to visit. Then, he asked her,

“Will you let me make room for myself to dwell in your heart.”

She responded,

“Yes, Lord. My heart belongs to you. Do what you desire in my heart.”

The Lord then began taking things out to begin to make room for him to fully move in. As she watched, she was so surprised because many of the things “about him” that he was removing she thought carried great value and were useful in ministry. But, he kept pulling out these things. Of a matter of fact— he pulled out everything. She was trusting him but she was very concerned about why he would take out so many resources, training, and information that seemed beneficial.

When her heart was emptied he brought in a wooden table and two chairs. He set a loaf of bread and a single goblet of wine on the table. He then sat down at this table and he invited her to sit down with him. When she sat down he said to her,

“Beloved, this is all that you need.”

(end vision)

I have felt like that bride over the past three years since having that encounter. It’s been a process of allowing him to remove things— even valuable things. At times it has felt like loss and the process of being emptied has been unfamiliar and even unsettling. Amid this “emptying” there remains a deep hope and expectation that the table, chair and the finished work of the cross (the bread and wine) will be fully realized soon. Yet at times I find myself yearning for what I knew or what was familiar before the emptying began.

I often feel like I’m living in two realities— the emptying one and the one where Jesus has completed the emptying and has invited me to sit with him and discover the deep truths (life) found within the bread and wine. It is as if I’ve just begun chewing a broken piece of the bread and with every moment I partake, I am discovering more of what it means and how it holds all that I need— because it is Christ.

Just yesterday I was honored to be on a ZOOM call with a small group of men and women. During this time I felt prompted to share this vision as they began to talk a revelation of “The Table” one man had received a number of years ago. As I shared the vision the presence of the Lord fell upon us all and suddenly I saw the table with many chairs and all of us were sitting together with him. What had felt like three years of sitting at a table for two suddenly turned into the very same table but all of us were sitting with him— we were absolutely one with him and one another. It was still a table for two but many of us had become one— his bride.

We began to have tears pour down our faces in this unexpected moment as his presence filled our hearts and we were transported into a heavenly place. The revelation of his finished work of the cross, of the table of the Lord and of the oneness Jesus prayed for in John 17 was upon us. And we were left without words— only silence, awe and worship. There was nothing more we needed and nothing could have trained us for this moment. We were being emptied of all of the “things” that had become part of our identity and the fullness of him suddenly had room to occupy our hearts. We came as we were and he provided the rest.

I believe that his people will begin to experience this more and more— not just moments of it but the transformation of it. It was like touching true oneness (with him and one another) for just a brief moment. As if a door cracked open and we tasted of the light, the life, the smell, the taste and the sound of what was ahead. The depth of his presence and love (for him and for one another) took our breath away.

This is the beauty of yielding to his request. He asked if he could make room in our hearts for him to dwell and we were unexpectedly caught up in a moment where we experienced the wonder of what he is preparing. It felt like going into a world famous chef’s kitchen and getting to taste a bite of what is still being prepared.

If you are feeling emptied, hungry, and longing for something you can’t even find words to describe— continue to yield to him as he makes room in the heart of his bride to come and dwell— and make us one! You are not losing anything you’ll need, he is merely making room for everything you’ve ever wanted— HIM!

He’s inviting you to the table— a great feast is being prepared.

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  1. Oh my gosh! LORD? thank YOU! Kathi to the Rescue. Blessings Kathi.


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