Service & Sacrifice

Service & Sacrifice— by Kathi Pelton

Each Memorial Day I take time to remember those throughout the history of our nation that have both served and sacrificed. The men, women, young and old. I think of the sacrifices of moms and dads who’s sons and daughters have left them to serve and never returned home.

My relative, Ralph Cheli (my maiden name is Cheli) was one of those. At age 25 he led his troop of planes on a mission over Japan. During the mission his plane was crippled and he could have saved himself and turned back but this would have put both the mission and his men (the other pilots) at risk. Knowing that his plane would not be able to complete the mission he forged ahead completing the mission and providing safe return for all of his troop. His plane went down over Japan and he parachuted out but was taken prisoner by the Japanese and executed as a POW. He receive a metal of honor for the ultimate sacrifice but I’m certain that for his family the cost was felt throughout their lives— without their precious son.

This is merely one story of service and sacrifice. Countless men and women have given all for our freedom. Thank you to them and to their families: moms, dads, wives, husbands, children.

I don’t want to forget those who have and are currently serving in our armed services. Thank you!

I also want to honor those who have and are serving in the Army of the Lord. There have been great service and sacrifice for the sake of providing freedom from sin and death. I honor and thank those as well. Many lives have been given to provide eternal freedom.

As you enjoy family, food and freedom today— do not forget that blood was shed for both your national freedom and spiritual freedom. There are empty chairs and empty tombs that represent the blood shed for our freedom 🇺🇸


Thank you to all of my readers and ministry followers that have stood with us through this time of global shut down. Your sacrifice is seen by us and by God! We pray for you daily and decree the promises of God to surround your life!

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