Embrace Your NOW Moment


By Kathi Pelton

So many people are goal and future oriented (including me!). I love to dream about the future and about what tomorrow will hold. Though this is a wonderful thing the only problem is when this occupies so much time that that we miss today. Today is the future that you dreamed about in days past. It may not look like what you envisioned but none-the-less, it is here and it is now.

I remember when I was dating my husband many years ago that he loved to take me on long drives to see new cities, towns and destinations. All along the drive he would stop suddenly and point out moments of beauty; such as the way the sun was shining through a tree or the beauty of a hill lined with vineyards. I appreciated his constant attention to the moment but in my youth felt impatient to get to the destination. Then one day, the Lord spoke to me about my focus on the goal or destination by saying,

“Don’t miss the beauty of the journey. True living happens in the moment that you are in.”

If we are always living for the future then we will miss living the in the moment that we are in. You never get NOW back. It comes and then it is gone. Beauty is lived by those who embrace the moment that we are in. Memories are made by living in the now. Yes, dream of tomorrow, plan for the days to come and be a visionary…but don’t miss now in the process.

What if a college student was so focused on receiving their degree and getting their dream job that they forgot to learn the lessons of each day? They would not be prepared for the dream that they have for their future. The same is true for us. No day should be wasted by not finding out what we can learn, love or embrace in the now. Today prepares us for our tomorrows. God always has something new to share with us. I rarely have a day that God is not excited about something new He desires to reveal. He’s an amazing teacher, lover, Father and friend. He will stop you in your tracks to show you beauty and remind you to stop and embrace the moment that He has given you as a gift.

So…embrace the day, enjoy the moment and love those who are next to you.

Psalm 118:24
This is the day which the Lord has brought about; we will rejoice and be glad in it.


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