A Refreshing Before Your Breakthrough


By Kathi Pelton

As I waited on the Lord this morning I was aware of a washing of living water coming upon His people that was refreshing every dry and stagnant place. I could feel the refreshment and the movement of His life flowing.The Lord is asking you to stop and allow the flow of His living water to pour upon you and flow through you in order to refresh you with new life.
I hear Him saying, “My body is in need of a refreshing that brings new life.”
As God brings breakthrough from the opposition that you have faced, He first wants you refreshed and revived with new life so that you can go out in both peace and joy. You have been prepared for the breakthrough but now you need to be refreshed so that you can enjoy the breakthrough. God desires you to go forth with joy.
Take the time today to stop long enough to allow the flow of His living water to refresh and awaken you. Respond to His invitation to be refreshed. I sense that this is the mark of the end of a long period of opposition and preparation for many.
July will mark a time of breakthrough that will usher you into peace, joy and life. This will be both a spiritual breakthrough as well as a breakthrough in the natural areas that have restricted and confined you. The opposition will be pushed back and you will be able to move forward.
There is healing in this living water. Healing for the pain that you have faced. The trauma that your soul has experienced will be broken off of you and the Holy Spirit will heal you. The discouragement that you have lived under will break off of you as you are refreshed and the doubt that has tried to rule over your thought life will be washed away.
Finish June under the waterfall of His living water so that you can enter July full of peace, joy and life.
Kathi Pelton

2 thoughts on “A Refreshing Before Your Breakthrough

  1. Thank you for posting what you are hearing Kathi! Your encouragements recently have been huge for me as my family and I are coming through a year that was massively testing for us. Thankfully Papa told us that it would be a test before we entered the year! Thanks so much!

    Jessica (Harry Anton’s daughter)


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