Angels Waiting Tables


By Kathi Pelton

This morning I kept hearing the words, “Waiting Tables”. I asked the Lord what He wanted to say about this and saw a vision of people in a busy restaurant with menus in their hands. Angels were the waiters at these tables. They were pouring water to refresh the patrons, bringing bread to fill them, pouring oil on a plate to dip the bread in.
Then I listened to the “special” the angels recited, “The special tonight is whatever you desire.” Then I was able to see the menu in each person’s hands and each menu was different then the one in the hand of the person next to them. On the menu was written the promises that the Lord had given to that individual.
Then I heard the angel say, “I suggest that you order both the special and all that is on your menu.”
I feel that now is the time that God’s people are being brought water, bread and oil by His ministering angels. Water speaks of entering into both the deliverance and goodness of the Lord (joy), bread speaks of daily provision and oil speaks of the Lord’s blessing of prosperity. God is having His angels deliver these three things to His people who have come to His table both thirsty and hungry.
You are even now being attended to and do not need to fret about if your hunger will be filled or thirst will be quenched. The water, bread and oil is even now being brought to you. Your main course will come soon.
Psalm 23:5
You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows
Kathi Pelton
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3 thoughts on “Angels Waiting Tables

  1. Thank you for this word..I just today spoke with a person I want to buy a piece of property from..Thank you Jesus for giving me this in Jesus name amen!! 🙂


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