Just Breathe


By Kathi Pelton

We all long for “break through” but we often forget that with break through comes changes and transitions. As you go through the changes that are necessary to transition into the doors (opportunities) that God is opening; be sure to trust Him throughout the process.
Most people embrace the familiar and avoid what is unfamiliar. This is a time to embrace the new without panic. As changes arise in your life remember to take a deep breath and find your familiar place in His presence. Continue to connect with your Comforter and your Rock. Following Jesus will almost always take you to places that you would not have taken yourself. God knows that there is a brave warrior within you that can face anything as you rely on His Spirit and strength.
I hear Him saying, “Trust Me with the unfamiliar and uncharted territories.”
He will navigate you through these new places and will comfort you with the peace of His presence. Fear and panic will only cause you to try to navigate yourself and lead you on detours that will cause chaos. As many prophetic voices have spoken throughout this year; this is a time of “turn around” and shifts. It is vital for you to stay in the eye of the turning winds where peace and clarity reside.
Praise is your pathway to a smooth transition and HE IS WORTHY of both your praise and your trust. Today…enter into praise and peace as you face the unfamiliar.

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