A Renewal of First Love


By Kathi Pelton

Last week I was honored to be a part of one of the most intimate worship services that I’ve ever experienced. It was not only personally intimate but corporately intimate. It was a time where the oneness of His bride was tangible. As we worshiped together, no one communicating what the other one was experiencing, an intimate and yet corporate dance began to emerge. It began with many personally experiencing the Lord dancing with them in a way that was so real that it was like first love being renewed within each one. Then it transitioned into a dance with one another and our Bridegroom that left each one in moments of great joy and then moments of deep sobs of gratitude. His love was immeasurable.

This time of worship was very unexpected and surprising to us all. It was a beautiful and wonderful surprise. As I pondered this time after it was over I realized that first love had been renewed and rekindled in my heart. I then felt the longing in the heart of Jesus for His bride to have first love renewed. It was not just a longing, but an invitation. It was an invitation into the chambers of worship where He will meet with the one that His heart love.

I sensed that the Spirit was here to comfort those who have been walking through a hard season of trials and transition. In the midst of trials it is difficult to feel intimate and passionate. During my experience in worship there was a point that I felt the weight of His comfort come upon me so powerfully that I could not stand. As His comfort rested upon me it washed away all the weight that I had been carry that was not from Him but from external circumstances and spiritual warfare. I believe that you are be offered the same experience with the Holy Spirit as your Comforter.

There is a renewal of first love and a washing of comfort that is there for God’s bride that will refresh you and finish the preparation for the your future.


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