Turn Your Affections Toward God


By Kathi Pelton

Recently I heard Bill Johnson talking about how he starts every morning by turning his affections toward the Holy Spirit.

The Book of Isaiah begins with talking about how God’s people turned away from Him and turned their affections toward images made by the hands of men. Most of us would read that and say, “We would never worship at the alter of idols!” But do we?

This is a time where the Spirit of God is searching every part of His children’s hearts to make sure that it all belongs to Him. We have prayed that the Lord would search us and know every part of us. He longs for and deserves our affections. He wants to release the affections of God upon us. Mutual affection is where true intimacy happens.

This world screams for our affections through all of it’s enticements. Day after day we are subjected to images that are made by the hands of man and call to receive our affections. Billboards displaying new cars, commercials with the newest fashion trends, magazines with beautiful homes and window displays that tantalize your senses with beauty. Although these things are not bad in themselves (we need cars, homes, clothes and even beauty); when they replace where we place our affections they become idols.

When you wake up in the morning are your affections immediately turned toward God or are your affections drawn to man made images? God longs to bless you with wealth and He loves to prosper His children. But, He is jealous for your affections. Ask Holy Spirit to search your heart so that He can align your affections with His affections toward you.

May we be a people with clean hands and a pure heart. May we be fully satisfied in little or in abundance because He has become our portion. Let us turn our affections to the One who created all things that are beautiful because of His deep affection toward us.


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