Light Has Come! A Prophetic Word


By Kathi Pelton

This year we will experience the first Christmas Day full moon in almost four decades. When my husband mentioned this to me, the Spirit immediately said it is a sign in the heavens that God is releasing great light in the midst of darkness beginning Christmas Day.

If you have loved ones living in darkness, then take hope, because this next year will be a season when His light will shine brighter than we have experienced in many years. The revelation of Jesus Christ as the Light of the World will be made known to many still living in darkness.

For those who know Christ as their Savior, there will be greater light that will light the way for you. This light will also illuminate places that the enemy is hiding so that great freedom will come through the release of demonic strongholds that have bound people in fear, doubt and anxiety.

This season of light will be like the miracle of Hanukkah when the Menorah burned for eight nights, even though there was only one night’s worth of oil. I feel that we are entering an eight year period of miraculous light and oil.

I keep hearing the phrase to the children’s Sunday school song, “This Little Light of Mine” that says, “Hide it under a bushel? NO! I’m going to let it shine!” The anointing (oil) of evangelism will come upon the five fold ministry (Ephesians 4:11). I see the prophets releasing words that bring men and women to Christ, pastors loving in such a way that the lost run home to the Father’s arms, the apostles (sent ones/ambassadors) going forth with the truth that The Light of the World is here and teachers that teach with the oil of salvation upon their words. We will be astonished by the number of those saved, the means by which they are saved–and by who is saved!

Like moths are drawn to flame, so will the lost be drawn to this miraculous revelation of light and Jesus as the Light of the World, beginning Christmas Day.

Begin rejoicing even now, because Good News is upon us in a year of bad reports. God is releasing good reports that will make the negative reports of media pale in comparison.

So turn on your Christmas lights, light your candles, sing songs of joy and enter into the peace that comes to all who know the Light.

All is calm, all is bright! Merry Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Light Has Come! A Prophetic Word

  1. Kathi…This word reverberates within my heart and soul…yes…yes and yes.
    Recently as a patient in a rehab facility to recover from back surgery…just what you wrote happened for the weeks I was there.
    You could see people drawn to my room.( to my husband and I ).literally, coming to “see the Light”…no words were spoken to invite them in…they just came and followed the Light From Dr’s to Nurse Practitoners to nurses , aides,to cleaning staff, financial people…administration.
    They all came and wanted to talk…they wanted to get some of what they saw.
    So many doors just swung open…it was astonishing
    Thank you Kathi for your ministry and your listening heart.I sense such a solidness in your ministry with Jeff…faithful…steadfast and reliable that’s what I see in you…much appreciated/. From our family in CT to yours a very Merry Blessed Christmas
    Linda Kosinski Maynard and Marcel too

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    • That so blesses my heart! Merry Christmas and may light continue to be illuminated from your life into those who are living in darkness. Also, praying for your complete healing, recovery and for a prosperous and blessed new year!


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