A New Day to Start Anew


By Kathi Pelton

Every day is a new day but today I sensed that there is an open door to start anew. Everyone needs a fresh start to leave what was behind and to begin again. God is offering new beginnings to those who have felt stuck or as if they were lagging behind in what many have prophesied is a new era or new season. You have not been left behind! Just like on a highway, there are always on-ramps at different points for new families and ministries to enter. This is one of those points in time.

For those of you who have felt that they entered the new season/era and have been traveling this highway for a while but feel a bit stopped in traffic I want to encourage you that the way is about to clear. I saw a picture of a backed up highway in rush hour. All of the brake lights were glowing red while the vehicles were at a stop. But as quickly as everything came to a halt I saw traffic begin to move. It was a bit of a slow start but once the movement began it accelerated quickly and the flow of traffic was moving once again. This will make room for those who are merging onto this highway for the first time. God allowed many to be stopped to make room for those who are just now coming into the flow.

As I saw this I kept seeing an interstate highway sign that read I-5 (Interstate 5). Five is the Biblical number of grace. This season and the way of traveling in this new season is by GRACE. Man’s strength, human wisdom and dependency of anything other than upon the Lord will not get you where God desires to take you. This is also a time of salvation and of bringing many into the knowledge of Christ. When I saw the I-5 sign, I was reminded of the verse in Romans 1:5,

Romans 1:5
Through him we received grace and apostleship to call all the Gentiles to the obedience that comes from faith for his name’s sake.

Grace, obedience and faith are key themes for this time. Move in grace and obey by faith. Get ready to start moving again. The green light is turning on!



If you are blessed by these daily posts please prayerfully consider supporting our ministry. God has given us key  new assignments that are requiring our full attention and time. We are falling short of what we need for both our personal needs and ministry needs. We can make up the lack together. If you want to read about what God has asked us to do and what we are currently doing then feel free to write to us and we will send you our ministry update. 

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