Restoration Begins

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By Kathi Pelton

God’s Restoration Begins

Where there is smoke there is fire. I saw a vision this morning of both smoke and fire damage that is upon lives. Then I heard the words, “Today the restoration begins.”

That which was destroyed by fires set by the enemy will be compensated and all the areas of your life that are have smoke damage will be restored.

God’s Heavenly restoration company of angels has been sent to “power wash” your life from all the residue from these assignments that were sent against you. His power is being made manifest in the midst of every destructive force that has been sent against you.

Get ready because soon you will look around and not only will you see restoration but all that was damaged or destroyed will be better than they were before these fires hit your life.

All things will be new, fresh and updated. They will be better than before.

This is not just for individual lives but for ministries, churches and businesses.

Let the restoration begin!

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