Your Double Portion Blessing


By Kathi Pelton

July is our double portion month! As I wrote July 2nd in my word “A Blue Moon Month” (, God showed me that this month would be a time of recompense and recovery. It is a month of a double portion breakthrough that is confirmed in the heavens as we see two full moons in a one month period; July 2nd and July 31st. July 31st we will have a “Blue Moon”.

As we enter the middle of July many are already experiencing great breakthrough and recovery. I am witnessing miraculous turn arounds in lives all around me. These miracles and breakthroughs require transition and change. I felt the Holy Spirit asking me to remind you that the enemy will attempt to “trip you up” in your transition through fear and terror attacking your thoughts. He cannot stop your breakthrough so he is attempting to stop you! Fear and terror can freeze you in place. This is not a time to listen to the voice of fear or to allow terror to paralyze you from moving forward. The voice of fear is the voice of the one who comes to kill, steal and destroy.

The enemy wants to steal your breakthrough by stealing your confidence in the Lord. He comes with accusation and reminders of past disappointments and shame. The Spirit of the Lord now is coming with upon you with boldness and assurance that you will move forward in joy and confidence in God’s blessings and favor. The Holy Spirit assured me over the past several days that His people are about to see things that have not worked in the past suddenly begin to work!

In the spirit I saw a baseball team that again and again was taken to the point of winning a championship, but they kept coming up short of victory. Then I saw them once again given the opportunity to play for the championship, and this time they won! You may have tried again and again, even at the leading of the Lord, but it seemed as though victory was always just out of reach. This time your victory is sure. What didn’t work before now will work for you.

Do not let any shame or discouragement of past losses stop you now. Do not let the voices of shame dictate your posture or steal your confidence. Perfect Love has called you to this place and Perfect Love casts out fear. Go forth in assurance of your victory. Your “Once in the Blue Moon” time is upon you.

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