A Sudden Turn-Around


By Kathi Pelton

God is about to surprise many who are coming up to the last minute to receive their breakthrough or turn around. In a surprising and sudden moment the victory will come. I see in my spirit many about to do a victory dance because God came through in the last second.
What you are facing may look impossible and like defeat is imminent but in a sudden miracle move, God will give you the victory. Don’t pull out of your faith even if the odds are stacked against you. Do not despair or lose hope because God is able to do for you what you cannot do for yourself or your cause.
The enemy uses circumstances to try to wear God’s people down and discourage them into “throwing in the towel” before the end of the game. Resist the devil and he will flee. Do not give in or throw the towel in because God has been working behind the scenes and has a plan that will turn everything from breakdown to breakthrough.
I also see those who have felt as though they have been walking and living in a maze. It has felt like every turn they take has kept them stuck in this maze with little hope to find their way out. Then I saw the Lord give stairs to see above the maze so that they can see the way out and suddenly they were free and delivered from this maze of confusion and feeling “boxed in”. They will come out to find themselves in a place of great fruitfulness and bounty.
Happy Sunday and begin to rejoice because He is able to do the impossible!

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