The Father’s Great Love


By Kathi Pelton

The other day the Holy Spirit took me into a very deep revelation regarding the Father’s great love for one of my children. I think as a mom I find it hard to believe that anyone can love my children more than I do. I carry them every minute of every day in my heart, in my thoughts and in places too deep for words to express. As I was carrying one of them that was facing a painful circumstance the other day I found out how deep, wide and high the Father’s love for them is. It not only measured up to the love that I have but it far exceeded it to the point that I found myself completely undone. Of course I knew this was true in my mind but experiencing it was beyond what I had known.

As believers we “know” a lot of things about our Heavenly Father and we believe those things. We read in His Word about sending His Son to die for us (what kind of love does that?), about His character, His enduring love and His Holiness. But sometimes we just need to stop and let ourselves experience His love. I am sure that what I experienced for my son the other day was merely a shadow of the depths of His love. If He had allowed me to experience more I do not know that my emotions or Earthly body could have handled it. I was absolutely undone by the wisdom of His love, the kindness of His love and the deep emotions within His love.

I don’t think that we often see our Heavenly Father as emotional. But please believe me when I say that He was deeply emotional in this encounter that I had. He knew that this son that we share was hurting and He was weeping with sobs that left me wrecked by His love and tenderness. His longing for this son was beyond anything I understood prior to this. His passion to reveal His heart and love for him was like the sound of a violent storm or the crashing of waves in the ocean. It wasn’t subtle, it was dramatic and deep. We, as humans, often try to quiet or suppress our emotions and calm the deep expressions that we feel, the Father had no such restraints. He unashamedly wept and poured out His heart with such a force that it left me unable to do anything but fall on the floor and weep with Him.

You should know that this was not even about an issue of salvation. The one that He was weeping for is walking with Him and pressing into Him. But he was hurting and the Father’s love was hurting with him. This experience has shifted how I see the love of the Father for me and for every person that I see now. Our Father does not hold back the great love He has for you or for me. He expresses it with great depths, heights and width. I wonder if it is His love for us that makes the seas rage or the winds blow or even the ground shake. When you weep, He weeps with you. You are loved with a force that shakes the Heavens and the Earth.

As you go through your day today; know that the love of the Father is greater than anything that you will face or any fear that will try to cause you pain. This must be why it is said that “perfect love casts out fear”! Within the grip of this love nothing in Heaven or on Earth can stand against it. Go out this day confident in the great love of your Father.

1 John 4:18

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.