Yes!!! The Coming Upgrades are Real!


Kathi Pelton

On January 4th I posted a short writing called “Angels and Upgrades”. I wrote this article the day after our car accident. In the post I said that I believed that everything that the enemy had stolen or touched will result in a divine upgrade for God’s people. I also said that our family would receive a new vehicle for what the enemy stole from us in our January 3rd accident, where an out of control vehicle came into our lane and hit us head on.


What I didn’t know was that even as I wrote that an out-of-state family was preparing to give us a new vehicle. God has spoken to them prior to our accident!! The day of our car accident a prophetic voice out of Canada contacted me and said that they were praying for my family and heard the word, “Subaru”. She prophesied over me also that I would be like Ruth who gleaned in Boaz’s fields in faithfulness to her covenant to Naomi but my Kinsman Redeemer was about to come and I would no longer glean in His fields but now would enjoy the best of all His first fruits and of all the blessings of His household.

Only two days later the family from out-of-state contacted us to tell us that they were giving us a new vehicle and driving it to us the next day. IT IS A SUBARU!!


This car was a definite UPGRADE from our 1997 Chevy Tahoe that was totaled in the accident. Why am I sharing this? Because this morning I was waiting on the Lord and once again heard the word, “Upgrade”. Right as I heard it I received an e-mail advertisement that was titled “Upgrade Now” and as I opened it a commercial came on the TV saying, “Are you ready for your upgrade?” What???!!!! God had my attention! Does He have yours.

Now is the time to believe Him for your divine upgrade! The enemy is trying to touch the very areas that God is wanting to give you an upgrade in but do not lose hope!

It is upgrade time and God is giving upgrades in ministry, jobs, homes, vehicles, relationships, positions and health. He is not a man that He should lie. He is confirming His word through testimonies and the voice of the prophets. On July 24th, Lana Vawser prophesied regarding being watchful of distractions that will keep you from your “divine upgrade”. (…/distractions-will-attempt-to-keep…/) She is using the same wording that God gave to me…God is speaking!

You don’t have to do anything to “make” this happen but you do need to both believe and wait expectantly for His upgrade to arrive in your life. Trying to make something happen or allowing fear to cause you to react and take things into your hands is not wise. This is a time to actively believe and let peace be your waiting room. Biblical hope is active in expectancy not passive in “wishful thinking”.

Be sure to post your testimonies of upgrades as they appear. Here is a link to my January 4th article on upgrades:

Blessings and Upgrades to YOU!


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