His Scepter is Being Extended to His Bride

ART-DS009 (1)

(Art by Donna Smallenberg: http://www.donnasmallenberg.com)


Kathi Pelton

As I awoke this morning I could hear the cries of God’s Bride as they fell at the feet of their King. They were weeping and begging Him to put an end to the plans of the enemy against their lives. As I heard this I began to see the story of Esther and King Xerxes in Esther 8 played out before my spiritual eyes.

I hear God saying that a new decree is being written regarding your life and your petition has been heard. He is even now sealing it with His signet ring of authority. A decree that is done in the name of the King and with His signet ring cannot be revoked.

Just as Hamen had decreed evil plans against the Jewish people and had taken possession of the King Xerxes’ signet ring, so has the enemy has made evil plans against God’s people and has misused authority. God is even now turning the tables on the enemy’s plans against your life. I see the enemy’s camp now scrambling with both fear and dread as God rises up against them. The fear and dread that God’s people have been living in is now shifting to the enemy.

God wants you to know that your cries have been heard and His scepter has been extended to you so that you can arise from your posture of weeping and begging. He is lifting you up and giving you authority in His name. He is sealing the promises and decrees over your life, your family and your nations.

Now is the time to state your requests without fear or hopelessness. He is asking you to stand up before your King and know that you have His attention, His favor and His heart. Arise from your weeping and make your request known as His favored bride. You are all together beautiful to Him and you stand in His favor. You have captured the heart of the King. Watch and see how your “Hamen” is hung on the gallows of his own making.

Stand up now, your King has extended His scepter!

Kathi Pelton

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