Just take that first step!


By Kathi Pelton

Years ago when my husband and I were trying to begin our family we quickly found out that we were facing infertility issues, About three years into unsuccessful treatment God made known to us a situation with a baby girl in the foster care system who’s teen aged birth mom desired for us to adopt her. The only problem was that she had no rights over the baby. The other problems were that we had never had a home study to do either foster care or adoption, we lived in a one bedroom cottage, this baby was not in the area that we lived (or county that we resided in) and then to top it all off the birth mother ran away and was unable to be found.

From the moment that I heard about this baby girl the Spirit spoke clearly to me saying, “This is your special delivery!” As the impossibilities of the details began to be revealed I decided that instead of believing the bad report that I would follow Jesus and believe His word. I asked Him what I should do because you can’t just call the State of California and say, “Hi, I want to adopt this specific baby in your care even though I don’t know her and you don’t know me.” But…that’s exactly where His Spirit told me to start.

You can imagine how that phone call went! Not only were they unimpressed with my call, I think that thought that I was a bit crazy. After questions such as “How do you even know about this baby?” to “Do you live in our county?” and “Have you and your husband received a home study?” they determined that I was not the sharpest tack in the shed. I received a lecture on how I should go to my own county offices and sign up to begin the long process of a home study and then get on their five year waiting list for adoption and how I should respect the privacy laws set in place for children in foster care.

That didn’t go so well but I had obeyed. So I asked, “What now God?” (honestly wondering if I had heard wrong). He said, “Have all of your friends write letters of recommendation about you and Jeff and send them all to her social worker.” We did this too. This was followed by a very stern and unhappy call from that social worker telling us that we needed to stop this foolishness and that we should seek help because something was seriously wrong with us.

For the next nine months this continued, step by step doing what the Lord asked us to do and appearing crazy all along the way. Even family and friends began to question our methods. I cannot tell you in this post all the details but I will finish by telling you that that impossible situation became our special delivery and weeks before her first birthday she came into our home as our daughter. And when she came to us, I was three months pregnant. We received double for our trouble!

That first step forward became first step on a path of miracles. We had many steps left to take, both exciting and terrifying, but we obeyed and with each step God gave us dry ground to walk into our promise.

I’m sharing this story today because if God has given you a word or promise that is truly impossible then don’t let anything stop you from believing and obeying. Don’t just sit back and wait for the promise without asking if He has a step for you to take. If we had passively waited then our promise would be in another family today. But we asked for wisdom and He gave us steps to take in order to find our way down the path of miracles that He was creating in order to bypass the impossible.

There are “sudden” miracles that God just gives to you but there are progressive miracles that still defy the impossible that He asks us to walk with Him in. These require much more faith but end in amazing testimonies that many get to witness. You may be called crazy or unstable but no one can deny the results when your miracle arrives. Our miracle has a name and her name is Desiree Renee. Her names means, “Desired or Longed for” and her middle name means “Born Again or reborn”.

God wants you to have what you have longed for and He intends for your desire to be fulfilled as He has promised. Stop and ask Him if He has a step for you to take toward that fulfillment. Step by step He leads us…will you follow Him?

Kathi Pelton


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