April Will Be A Month That Open Doors and Opens Blossoms of Promise!

by Kathi Pelton

When I sat down this morning to write this word about April being a month of open doors, my phone sent me an alert of a new message. That message read, “April literally means ‘To Open’.”

I just about jumped out of my skin! I quickly went and googled the meaning of the name April and here is what I read,

“April goes way back. … One is that the name is rooted in the Latin Aprilis which is derived from the Latin aperire meaning “to open” – which could be a reference to the opening or blossoming of flowers and trees, a common occurrence throughout the month of April in the northern hemisphere.”

April is the fourth month of the year; and the fourth letter in the Hebrew alphabet is “dalet” which means or signifies a door. Though April comes each year as the fourth month, I have never experienced a spiritual awakening or blossoming such as I sense this year. God has highlighted the words “open doors” to me from the moment April began and though we are only a week into it there are daily signs in the spirit and in the natural that is an announcement from heaven that something has opened up!

For me personally, April is one of my favorite months because of the budding or blossoming of the flowers and trees here in North America. Around our city cherry trees are in full pink displays of color. Many of our streets look like they’ve been lined with cotton candy. The dogwood trees are in full bloom and the tulips and daffodils have come out of the ground to announce that Spring has sprung.

Each year I am like a child in a candy shop as I see this visual display of life appearing in the land. But this year there is something more! This year there is a convergence of what is happening in the land and in the Spirit. I know that something has opened! The Lord is speaking the words from Isaiah 22:22,

“I will give him the key to the house of David—the highest position in the royal court. When he opens doors, no one will be able to close them; when he closes doors, no one will be able to open them.”

If you have read my articles from the past two days about 4/4–isn’t it interesting that this verse is from Isaiah 22:22? Mathematically 22 + 22 becomes 44. I am not being superstitious or over-spiritual because, as a friend pointed out to me yesterday, God has a personal language that is to be found by each one of us. For some of us He uses pictures, numbers, and visual signposts as His signature for us to see. That is often how He confirms things for me. As I put these things together they always add up to a clear confirmation that He is speaking. They will include my seer gift, His voice, the Word of God, and natural signs converging together to bring a clear message.

Jesus is our open door! God is opening doors that no man can close and He is closing doors that no man can open. These open doors will bring new life to His people. Long awaited promises will blossom and times of waiting will end. This open-door time for God’s people will also open doors for those who are ready for a “born again” experience. The seeds, or bulbs, of salvation will suddenly burst forth with great joy as many come into the knowledge of the love of Jesus.

The joy these new believers experience will also become our joy as we cross into this era of birthing new life. I saw a vision of the body of Christ sitting in a “critical care” unit in a hospital (where trauma and loss permeated the air) to suddenly being in a maternity ward where new life, birth, promises fulfilled, and great joy filled the atmosphere!

These open doors will also bring forth open doors for the rights of the unborn to be upheld. Doors will close that take make a way to take life from the doorway of the womb. Adoption will replace abortion!

April is an opening that will cross His people into experiencing “abundant life” like never before. I believe we will even see a baby boom in the natural, and in this baby boom we will see many baby girls that are given the name April!

Begin to declare open doors over your life, children, household, ministry, business, and city! Call forth the new life and begin to praise Him for the blossoming of life and promises being fulfilled.

As April began, the Lord spoke to me and said that there would be no April Fools this year because this is real! This is not a time where we will feel disappointed, as though we were fooled into believing something that didn’t manifest. We will see doors open that bring life and blessings and we will see doors close that have let the thief in (who steals, kills and destroys).

Lastly, I heard the words from His Spirit saying, “I rename you Beulah land.”

“No longer will they call you Deserted, or name your land Desolate. But you will be called Hephzibah, and your land Beulah; for the Lord will take delight in you, and your land will be married.” Isaiah‬ ‭62:4‬ ‭

This is His declaration over you! His delight will come upon you and overtake you!


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by Kathi Pelton

As I woke up at exactly 5:55 this morning I saw in my spirit a “WANTED” poster (like those in the old west that were hung up to find criminals). This “wanted poster” had a photo of a baby in the womb upon it and at the bottom it said the word, “ALIVE.” It was if the angels were hanging “Wanted Alive” posters throughout the land.

This is a time in which every social media post that calls to protect the lives of the unborn (or now even the unwanted who are “born alive”) is like the the flood of posters hung throughout the land in the old days to catch a murderer. We are catching the attention of people over and over with declarations and posts that say these babies are WANTED ALIVE!

We are declaring them as wanted by someone— somewhere. They are wanted alive by God! Every person (liberal or conservative) would agree that they are appalled when they hear of a crime where a parent has taken the life of their child. We cannot fathom such a vile crime against innocence at the hand of the one who was to love them most. The betrayal of trust at the hand of a parent is unthinkable. And yet now our nation lights up buildings in celebration of such things! They blithely call it abortion; we call it murder.

I cannot imagine how the recent laws that have been passed to legislate the right for a parent to take the life of their full-term unborn baby will further damage the conscience of mankind. Or the banning of laws that protect a child born alive after an abortion attempt! What kind of depravity has come upon our society that we have placed ourselves as “gods” with the right to make such decisions. We (mankind) were made to be fruitful and multiply and yet we now crush the fruit of our wombs and stand like fruitless trees before our Creator. In the Bible Jesus spoke of cutting down trees that did not bear fruit, but now our nation celebrates the right to cut the fruit out of our wombs. We have been entrusted with these precious little ones and yet we have dehumanized them in the very way that Hitler did the Jews or the KKK did our beautiful African-American brothers and sisters.

God has great and deep compassion for those who are in the grip of fear and pain as they face an unplanned pregnancy, or who live with the pain from a past abortion; and so must we. But this post is not written to them; it is for us as a nation, as the Church (who has been given authority) and to those who have an ear to hear the truth. We cannot stop putting up “posts” or posters that say that babies are WANTED ALIVE!

We also must understand what this declaration of “unwanted babies” releases in the spirit realm. There is already a sense of being “unwanted” by so many people. I am constantly ministering to people who do not understand their value or who feel unwanted. The agreement that our nation and other nations have come into and have made into laws releases a spirit of betrayal, of abandonment, of death, and of suicide into the very atmosphere. It is like saying, “You are unwanted; therefore you should die.”

There are so many couples and families that are longing for a baby!My husband and I adopted our first child and how we wept in joy and in awe when our arms were filled my her beauty. Now, one of our children hasn’t been able to conceive and she and her husband ache for a baby to love and hold. It is so incredibly painful for them—and others like them—to see babies thrown away and discarded like a piece of unwanted trash. They would take them and raise them in loving families in a heartbeat, but apparently for many individuals it is so much easier to just discard these babies and call them tissue.

How is it that we treat our used cans and bottles with more care that these precious living gifts that come from God? We are appalled at the mistreatment of an animal (which we should be!) but we kill our babies and make laws to protect the right to do so.

I am one of those people that cannot watch movies about the Holocaust without being deeply disturbed in my soul for days. I cannot wrap my mind around how anyone can look in the face of a mother and her child or a father and his son and kill them because of their race. I know it is a demonic spirit that comes upon people, but still I cannot imagine such cruelty or hard-heartedness. Yet, here we are doing the very thing to precious and absolutely innocent babies. My heart is broken.

All that I can say is, “God have mercy!” Have mercy upon these babies who are wanted alive. Have mercy upon the ones who have unplanned pregnancies, have mercy upon our nation(s). Have mercy upon mankind!


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I was looking at our savior’s name this morning and out of the letters within His name, Jesus Christ, came forth three separate words:


He cries justice over every injustice! Today, let us join His cry and cry out for justice for the unborn. The world’s future sons and daughters and history makers are being extinguished. Cry mercy and cry for justice.

Join in with us and many voices as we become a voice for the voiceless over the next 50 days. To follow this prayer initiative for the unborn go to. https://www.facebook.com/nateandchristy/

You can be a voice that CRIES JUSTICE and mercy!

-Kathi Pelton-

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From Hope Deferred to Desire Fulfilled

By Kathi Pelton

It was August of 1987 I was jolted out of a dream—where my greatest desire had been fulfilled—back into the reality of my constant state of hope deferred. In the dream I held my baby daughter. It hadn’t felt like a typical dream; It seemed I had actually been taken somewhere and held my desire fulfilled for the very first time. I had never felt such love or beheld such beauty. When I awoke it was as if she was torn from my arms, and deep waves of grief flooded my soul.  


My husband and I had been trying to conceive a baby for years with no success. We had gone through all the medical tests and the problem was with me. I had been going through fertility treatments for over two years at that point, with no sign of improvement. I’d often find myself wondering why so many women who didn’t want their babies or who considered them “disposable” could conceive but my husband and I, who ached for a baby, were left barren. I knew God had not abandoned us but I did not see His plan in this. 


Four months after my beautiful dream, we received a call from a pastor who had recently counseled a fifteen-year-old mother; four months earlier she had given birth prematurely to a little girl and this mother wanted to give her up for adoption. The pastor had heard that we wanted a baby but were unable to conceive, and the Lord put it on his heart to call us and ask if we were interested in adopting this little girl. 


We were overwhelmed with excitement and immediately said “yes!” Although it took nine months from the day of that phone call to walk out the miraculous story of getting our daughter, not only did we get to bring her home just before her first birthday, but I was four months pregnant when we did! We found out that she was born the same month I had the dream of holding my baby daughter, and the name that her young birth mother gave her meant “longed for” or “desired one.”


Now, thirty years later, I am watching our youngest daughter and her husband face the same pain. After years of trying to conceive a child they are in that painful grip of hope deferred. I see the pain in their eyes and the helpless struggle that her husband feels to comfort his wife as she silently aches inside. As her mom, I keenly understand the pain, the constant ache, and the many thoughts of “Why?”


The beauty of my story of adoption and the pain of my daughter’s journey of hope deferred made the recent news of the late-term abortion bill in New York State that much more of a sting. The issue has been before us for decades, but for whatever reason this particular ruling has acted as a tripwire that woke many out of the spiritual stupor of prayerlessness. It ignited a burning desire to see this horrific, defiling waste of life stop. 


As I prayed the Lord showed me that the church has been in a continuous “ebb and flow” of prayer regarding the issue of abortion. With every ebb the enemy would take that time to advance his agenda to kill the sons and daughters of tomorrow. His deceptions and lies would advance his cause to rob God, and rob the world, of the very inheritance the Son died for. Each year nearly sixty million abortions occur worldwide. Sixty million! 


If that fifteen-year-old girl had given into the “ease” of solving her unwanted pregnancy through abortion, our daughter would not exist. That beautiful baby that fulfilled my greatest longing would have been merely a statistic that only our God truly grieved for. 


Most abortions are not performed on teens, but rather women in their young twenties. If only they knew that what they carried in their wombs could fill the arms of a couple that longed to cherish and love a son or daughter! If only they understood that even before this child’s conception, God dreamed of this life, made plans for this life, and knew this life  intimately. 


If only we, as His people, had stopped to pray. 


Something has happened, and it has awakened the church and awakened women to rise up and fight for these little lives that cannot fight for themselves. Their mothers have been blinded and deceived by the enemy of God, the deceiver who has written a different narrative telling our culture that a life is not a life until it is outside of the womb. God forgive us for our prayerlessness and for not facing the evil giant called abortion. 


Together we are now going as one, in the power of His might and the name of His Son, to face this giant until it is defeated. No more ebb and flow, but rather a continuous flow of resurrection power coming from those who have received LIFE!  May the word adoption replace abortion and may hope deferred be replaced by desires fulfilled. 

Choose life!


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Entering Into Your True Identity

Kathi Pelton

When Jesus went to the cross, taking all guilt, sin, and shame upon Himself, He also took the counterfeit identity that sin brought upon mankind. He took the identity of a criminal, a fraud, and a blasphemer; and that identity was nailed to the cross with Him so that we could come into His true identity of “sonship.”

He is the first Son and through Him we are brought into true sonship that draws us into the oneness that the Father, Son, and Spirit share. We no longer live under the counterfeit identity that sin placed upon us that calls us slaves. A spirit of adoption was freely given to us through what Jesus did on the cross.

We are no longer beggars, orphans, or slaves; but true sons and daughters. Just as the blood of the lamb upon the doorposts of the Israelites identified them as God’s people (causing the angel of death to pass them by), so the Blood of the Lamb upon your life identifies you as a true son or daughter.

It is time to live in your true identity. Jesus Himself paid for it! Hebrews 12:24 says,

“…the blood of Jesus speaks a better word…”

It speaks the word of sonship, adoption, betrothal, and acceptance. You are chosen and wanted. You are deeply desired and longed for. YOU ARE HIS!

As we remember the precious blood that was shed for our redemption, may we honor what He did by receiving all that He obtained for us. Leave the shackles of captivity and celebrate the “better word.”

Resurrection is available for all who come and receive the blood that sets men free. As we celebrate Easter, allow every place of the old man and old identity to die so that your true identity can be resurrected.


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He Sets the Lonely in Families

Kathi Pelton

I awoke in the wee hours of the morning and had these words rushing through my entire being,

“God sets the lonely in families…”

Psalm 68:6

The words washed over me like a cool breeze on a hot day and like water to a thirsty soul. I could hear the cries of the lonely; longing to be placed in true family. It was the cry of the sinners and the cry of the saints followed by the tender yet passionate response of the Father saying, 

“I have heard your cry, I have seen your loneliness and I am preparing a family for you.” 

Then I saw Him command angel to go and appoint true fathers and mothers, sons and daughters to be fruitful and multiply. The angels were bringing the resources, the support, clearing the way and placing apostolic mantels on those who would be instrumental in releasing the true heart of the Father everywhere they were sent. 

As I saw true families created and the lonely placed within them it became fertile soil for a restoration. Hearts were restored, relationships were restored, honor was restored, hope was restored and even giftings were restored because they were protected and nurtured by the love of family. 

As a young believer I was often in atmospheres that were “gift” driven but the true longing of my soul was for family. My gift was often noticed far before who I really was; His daughter. This created a performance based belief were I thought that “I am my gift” and that is the measure of my value in the body of Christ. God refused to leave me in that place and nurtured me in ways that restored me to my true identity of “daughter”. 

Within family gifts flow without jostling one another or competing with one another. Within family there is rejoicing by all when one succeeds and weeping by all when one falls down. All are honored and all are celebrated and no one is forgotten.

When my family set out on our first missions journey, leaving our home and country, we asked each of our young children what Jesus was saying to them as we set off together. Our youngest son, Jonathan David (who was six year old at that time), turned to us with boldness and said these words,

“Mommy, Jesus said to me the word, ‘Ohana’. Ohana means family and family means that no one gets left behind.” 

He had learned the Hawaiian word “Ohana” (which means family) from a Disney movie and the Spirit sweetly spoke to our six year old in a language that he would understand. This word is still today the sweetest word that has ever been spoken to me. It is the true word of the Lord.

Family is the longing of God’s heart. It is the reason for creation and it is the true inheritance of Jesus. It is the root of unity (John 17:20-23) and it is the target of all of the enemies activity. 

The Father hears your cry for a family. He longs for all of His children to be nurtured within the safety of family. He intends for all of His disciples to first be sons and daughters; because then they will reproduce sons and daughters. 

I believe that the reformation that is coming upon the church worldwide will first and foremost be identified by “family”. It will be marked by true fathers, mothers, sons and daughters that are being fruitful and multiplying fathers, mothers, sons and daughters…the generations walking together; celebrating and honoring all. 

I will finish this by declaring the words that the Spirit spoke to my young son. May they be added to your life,


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Just take that first step!


By Kathi Pelton

Years ago when my husband and I were trying to begin our family we quickly found out that we were facing infertility issues, About three years into unsuccessful treatment God made known to us a situation with a baby girl in the foster care system who’s teen aged birth mom desired for us to adopt her. The only problem was that she had no rights over the baby. The other problems were that we had never had a home study to do either foster care or adoption, we lived in a one bedroom cottage, this baby was not in the area that we lived (or county that we resided in) and then to top it all off the birth mother ran away and was unable to be found.

From the moment that I heard about this baby girl the Spirit spoke clearly to me saying, “This is your special delivery!” As the impossibilities of the details began to be revealed I decided that instead of believing the bad report that I would follow Jesus and believe His word. I asked Him what I should do because you can’t just call the State of California and say, “Hi, I want to adopt this specific baby in your care even though I don’t know her and you don’t know me.” But…that’s exactly where His Spirit told me to start.

You can imagine how that phone call went! Not only were they unimpressed with my call, I think that thought that I was a bit crazy. After questions such as “How do you even know about this baby?” to “Do you live in our county?” and “Have you and your husband received a home study?” they determined that I was not the sharpest tack in the shed. I received a lecture on how I should go to my own county offices and sign up to begin the long process of a home study and then get on their five year waiting list for adoption and how I should respect the privacy laws set in place for children in foster care.

That didn’t go so well but I had obeyed. So I asked, “What now God?” (honestly wondering if I had heard wrong). He said, “Have all of your friends write letters of recommendation about you and Jeff and send them all to her social worker.” We did this too. This was followed by a very stern and unhappy call from that social worker telling us that we needed to stop this foolishness and that we should seek help because something was seriously wrong with us.

For the next nine months this continued, step by step doing what the Lord asked us to do and appearing crazy all along the way. Even family and friends began to question our methods. I cannot tell you in this post all the details but I will finish by telling you that that impossible situation became our special delivery and weeks before her first birthday she came into our home as our daughter. And when she came to us, I was three months pregnant. We received double for our trouble!

That first step forward became first step on a path of miracles. We had many steps left to take, both exciting and terrifying, but we obeyed and with each step God gave us dry ground to walk into our promise.

I’m sharing this story today because if God has given you a word or promise that is truly impossible then don’t let anything stop you from believing and obeying. Don’t just sit back and wait for the promise without asking if He has a step for you to take. If we had passively waited then our promise would be in another family today. But we asked for wisdom and He gave us steps to take in order to find our way down the path of miracles that He was creating in order to bypass the impossible.

There are “sudden” miracles that God just gives to you but there are progressive miracles that still defy the impossible that He asks us to walk with Him in. These require much more faith but end in amazing testimonies that many get to witness. You may be called crazy or unstable but no one can deny the results when your miracle arrives. Our miracle has a name and her name is Desiree Renee. Her names means, “Desired or Longed for” and her middle name means “Born Again or reborn”.

God wants you to have what you have longed for and He intends for your desire to be fulfilled as He has promised. Stop and ask Him if He has a step for you to take toward that fulfillment. Step by step He leads us…will you follow Him?

Kathi Pelton