Entering Into Your True Identity

Kathi Pelton

When Jesus went to the cross, taking all guilt, sin, and shame upon Himself, He also took the counterfeit identity that sin brought upon mankind. He took the identity of a criminal, a fraud, and a blasphemer; and that identity was nailed to the cross with Him so that we could come into His true identity of “sonship.”

He is the first Son and through Him we are brought into true sonship that draws us into the oneness that the Father, Son, and Spirit share. We no longer live under the counterfeit identity that sin placed upon us that calls us slaves. A spirit of adoption was freely given to us through what Jesus did on the cross.

We are no longer beggars, orphans, or slaves; but true sons and daughters. Just as the blood of the lamb upon the doorposts of the Israelites identified them as God’s people (causing the angel of death to pass them by), so the Blood of the Lamb upon your life identifies you as a true son or daughter.

It is time to live in your true identity. Jesus Himself paid for it! Hebrews 12:24 says,

“…the blood of Jesus speaks a better word…”

It speaks the word of sonship, adoption, betrothal, and acceptance. You are chosen and wanted. You are deeply desired and longed for. YOU ARE HIS!

As we remember the precious blood that was shed for our redemption, may we honor what He did by receiving all that He obtained for us. Leave the shackles of captivity and celebrate the “better word.”

Resurrection is available for all who come and receive the blood that sets men free. As we celebrate Easter, allow every place of the old man and old identity to die so that your true identity can be resurrected.


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