A Word from Your Father


Do you know that God is a good Father even on a bad day? His goodness and love for you never changes, wavers or decreases. He is not attentive to your need for love and nurture one day and distant and distracted the next. He is not a man with irrational mood swings but a Father who loves you unconditionally and completely no matter the day or time. He IS perfect in all of His ways and as you grow to trust in His love for you and His desire to shower His goodness upon you; the doubts that you have of seeing and experiencing His continued provision, continued nurture and continued intervention will cease to plague your days and nights.

His hand is not too short to be able to rescue you from whatever adversity you are facing and to make a way for you in whatever wilderness that your life has come upon.

I hear the verse from Songs of Solomon 8:10 that says, “Who is this coming up out of the wilderness; leaning upon her Beloved?”

It is YOU! As you experience His faithful love and goodness in the midst of the wilderness there will be produced a deep intimacy and dependency that will cause you to lean upon Him as your Beloved like never before. The bond between you and the One who loves you most will be strengthened with cords of love and compassion that will bring down your walls of defense and self-protection.

Look, even now He is there with you! Even now His angels are being charged to guard you and accomplish His word over your life. Even now He is making a way that is perfect for you.

Lean on your Beloved today and know that you will soon be coming out of this wilderness in a new place of intimacy and dependency that will not easily be broken.

Kathi Pelton



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