Upgrades and God’s Good Report


By Kathi Pelton

Focus, focus, focus!

The enemy wants to steal your focus with distractions. In the midst of God shifting spiritual atmospheres that have been stagnant, releasing His movement and swift changes, the enemy has attempted a counter-attack with his own assault. James Goll has just had a second back surgery. Larry Randolph is dealing with crippling arthritis. Many others have been troubled by various ailments that have stopped them from travel. My husband and youngest son and I were in a serious car accident on January 3rd that has presently grounded me from all travel.

Although I have been in constant pain since the day of the accident, the Lord has given me great hope.  Almost immediately after the accident the Holy Spirit said the word, “Upgrade” to me. As I sought Him regarding this, He clearly told me that every place the enemy touched would result in an upgrade in that very area. Within hours of our accident, a friend who is a prophetic voice in Canada wrote to our family, sharing that as she prayed for us she kept hearing the word, “Subaru”. This was a bit surprising, but we received the word. Two days later we received an email from a couple who live in another state, telling us they wanted to give us a car, and asking if they could deliver it the next day. Guess what the model is? Subaru! The Lord had actually spoken to this couple several days before our accident and directed them to give us the car. Provision was on the way even before we needed it. The value of the car we received is worth many times the cost of the vehicle we lost in the accident. Truly an UPGRADE!

As I mentioned, I am currently not able to travel, therefore all of our speaking engagements and trips for January and February had to be canceled. This is our main income stream, but in January people generously gave us about three times what these meetings would have provided. Another UPGRADE!

We believe for healing in my body to come as well. God will upgrade my physical temple. Various medical caregivers have pronounced that I will never be as I was before; my bones and ligaments and other tissues have been compromised in ways that are medically irreparable due to severe blunt force trauma. But we are trusting God’s good report that I will be better than before! We believe the same thing for people like James Goll and Larry Randolph as well. UPGRADES!

Now is the time to focus our thoughts and affections on the One who bore all our suffering so that we would be free. I refuse to turn my focus—my affections—toward any bad report or negative circumstances. I will endure the pain with the joy set before me that God’s good report will come to pass and we will experience more upgrades. My affections will be daily given to the only One worthy of them: Jesus! The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy but our God is greater than anything we will ever face.  I realize that even if our lives had been lost in our accident we still would have received an upgrade.

I am not the only one hearing this word “Upgrade”; Lana Vawser, a prophetic voice from Australia, has been hearing it in her times with the Lord as well. God is confirming His word.


“Hocus Pocus” or Divine Focus

I heard the words today, “Hocus Pocus or divine focus”. We are all familiar with this term used by magicians before doing a magic trick. The dictionary defines it this way:

 Hocus Pocus: meaningless talk or activity, often designed to draw attention away from and disguise what is actually happening.

I saw a vision of the enemy doing what appeared to be magic tricks to deceive the natural eyes. People were watching his tricks with great concentration. They were wondering what he would do next. As this vision continued I heard a voice out of Heaven calling, “Focus, focus, focus!” Then the words, “Divine Focus” came to my spirit. The Spirit of the Lord was calling to those who had become preoccupied with all the “hocus pocus” and illusions of the enemy, and telling them to shift their focus to the reality of Heaven and the affections of the Father, Son and Spirit, our great God who is pouring blessings upon His sons and daughters.

It is very important at this time to turn our attention and affections to the one true God who is worthy of our undivided focus. Do not allow the frantic activity and the accusations of the enemy to draw your devotion away from the truth of God. Do not allow satan’s “illusions” to define what is actually happening in your life.

God ‘s report and perspective are always greater than the world’s, and He has a plan to prosper us and not to harm us. It is time for us to believe Him and focus our spiritual eyes on what is true and what is holy, rather than what our natural eyes see that is actually an illusion.


The Truth and Nothing but the Truth!

Next I heard the words in my spirit, “The truth and nothing but the truth!” This term is used in the courts of law here in the United States when someone swears an oath before giving their testimony.

God’s people are about to be giving testimonies of truth that will unveil the illusions of the enemy. The enemy will be known only for his “hocus pocus” (distortion of truth) and the fear of the Lord will uncover all his deceitful trickery. The truth will set people free and we will see an unprecedented outpouring of miracles like we have never seen before.

Though this outpouring will be worldwide, keep your eyes on the United States because I believe many reports of upgrades, miracles and outpourings will manifest throughout the US beginning this year.  As I have written previously, for many years my attention was focused on other nations more than my own. But now, I see the United States known as “One nation under God”. God has not left us and He is about to give testimony through His sons and daughters that He has heard the prayers of the righteous that fill the bowls of heaven (Revelation 5:8). The Heavens are opening and answers will pour forth. The United States will not be able to contain it and it will spill over into the nations of the world.


Showers of Blessings

I have a chalk board in my home that I write on. I usually ask the Lord for a prophetic declaration before I write. A few days ago, I realized January was almost over, and I hadn’t written anything new since the holiday season. So, I erased my cheerful Christmas greeting from the board and waited to hear what I should write.  The three words that came to me almost immediately were “Showers of Blessings”.

Yes! We receive showers of blessings as the bowls of Heaven pour down upon us. The next morning at our fellowship, a number of people gathered around me to pray for my physical healing. As they prayed one lady looked at me and said, “I hear three words over you. They are ‘Showers of Blessings’!” My husband and I looked at each other and laughed at the confirmation of our little declaration from the day before. I believe that just as the rains have been falling upon our land (we live in western Oregon where rain is plentiful), so we are now in a season of showers of blessings that will put an end to the spiritual drought that many have experienced the past several years.

This is God’s good report! Take your focus off of unworthy things and put it upon the One who alone is worthy. You are on the verge of a miracle! We are on the verge of many miracles that will release a flood of testimonies that reveal the truth of our God! Take every bad report and rip it up, throw it into the fire and receive the good report that that declares truth.

Bless you with showers of blessings!

Kathi Pelton



One thought on “Upgrades and God’s Good Report

  1. Kathy,

    Thanks so much for this word. I too received a word but it was differently spoken to me, but all in all it’s the same word!! I to stand in agreement for all showers of blessings however they arrive. 🙂 So glad your healed in Jesus name…. Love to you, and by the way..I’m always so blessed to see your blog in my box to read the word God gave me in Oregon..I’m bringing OCEANS to your desert! WOOT! WOOT!

    Darcy Stroud

    On Wed, Feb 3, 2016 at 8:36 AM, Oceans in the Desert wrote:

    > jkpelton2014 posted: ” By Kathi Pelton Focus, focus, focus! The enemy > wants to steal your focus with distractions. In the midst of God shifting > spiritual atmospheres that have been stagnant, releasing His movement and > swift changes, the enemy has attempted a count” >


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