You Have Not Been Forgotten

Kathi Pelton

This past weekend I was at a conference with our good friends who were the speakers. The first night of the conference our friend brought a large orange on stage and set it on a stool nearby. I waited to find out the meaning behind the mysterious orange but he never mentioned it on the first night. The second night came and the orange remained in place but again there was no mention of it. The third day came and went and the orange was still upon the stool but remained a mystery. When the conference ended I sent our friend a text asking him about the meaning of the orange. This was his answer,

“The story of the orange is that on Saturday morning I needed to get some cash, so I went into the grocery store to buy something and get cash back. The problem was, I didn’t really need anything, so I asked the Lord if He wanted me to buy something for the meeting. All I saw was an orange, so I bought it and brought it to the meeting, to see if something came of it. I didn’t get a chance last night to talk about it, so I thought we’d get to it today. I always felt like someone in the audience would see it and it would spur a word in them…” 

As I waited upon the Lord this morning the picture of the orange remained in my mind. This orange appeared to be forgotten and its purpose appeared to be overlooked. Then the Lord spoke to me and said, 

“This is how many of my sons and daughters feel. They feel forgotten, overlooked and even alone in a crowd. Tell them I am about to peel back the covering and many will taste, smell and see what I have deposited within them.”

There is not one person whom God has created that is without purpose or beauty to be displayed. The enemy seeks to devour (spoil) the fruit and cover the beauty. He is terrified at the expression of Christ within you. God has not forgotten you and His Spirit is upon you to break every agreement with being forgotten, abandoned or purposeless. 

God is about to reveal to those who feel forgotten and insignificant the beauty that He has placed within you. Though the orange was seemingly forgotten it was on the forefront of my mind and God used it to speak a message to those who feel forgotten. 

There is now a shedding of the old skin that has been covering the beauty within. This is a new day and the time of your revealing. Let all the old be left behind and allow the true you that He created to come forth. Your Father arms are wide open to receive you and pull off all of the grave clothes that have kept you hidden and believing that you are without purpose. 

There is greatness within you because Christ lives within you! There is beauty that is never ending and awaits to been seen. Like I awaited for the revelation of the orange, so the world awaits the revelation of “Christ in you”. You carry an expression of His beauty and love that no one else carries and you carry a fragrance that no one else carries. When we hear the verse, “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”, know that you carry a taste that the world needs to experience. 

You have not been forgotten and you are not without a message or a purpose. This is the time of the revealing of who you truly are and who He is within you. It is the time for us to prophesy over the forgotten ones who they are and watch the grave clothes peeled back. 

Your beauty is greatly desired! 

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2 responses to “You Have Not Been Forgotten”

  1. I so have been identifying with the Orange just sitting there. This word gave me a seed of hope. Thank you for sharing


    1. I’m so glad that this word was encouraging to you! Praying that God reveals all the beauty and significance that He has placed within you!


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