God is Speaking to Your Storm, “Peace, Be Still.” 

Kathi Pelton

In Matthew 8:23-27 we read the story of when Jesus and His disciples were in a boat together and a huge storm came upon them causing the waves to come over the sides of the boat. The storm was becoming so violent that the disciples feared that the boat may capsize. But where was Jesus? He was soundly sleeping in the stern of the boat. Finally, the fear caused His disciples to wake Him up and cry out, 

“Don’t you care if we drown?”  

Jesus got up and rebuked the winds and waves with the words, 

“Peace! Be still.” 

With just the sound of His voice the wind and waves were stilled. 

If you are facing a storm, do not be afraid. It may appear that Jesus is asleep but you need not fear because what you are seeing or feeling does not accurately define the outcome of this storm. Your cries for help awaken His compassion to calm the storm or to calm His child by inviting you to join Him in a place of rest as you ride out the storm. Know that your faith is grounded in the One who holds the outcome in His hands. 

This display of authority that is demonstrated when Jesus calms the winds and waves must have left the discipleship in awe. Who is this man that even the winds and waves obey His voice? His Spirit lives within us in the same way that Jesus was in the storm tossed boat. Though we are often tossed by storms, His Spirit within us is at rest and still carries authority over the storms. 

God’s people have been learning to rest in the Lord during life storms. I sense such a surge of joy coming from Heaven that shouts, “Look at My kids, look at their faith and how they trust Me!” 

There is no shame if fear has caused you to cry out for help. God understands your journey and has compassion upon you just as He did upon His disciples. His strength was made manifest in the midst of their weakness and it is for you as well.

Even today, as yet another hurricane threatens the Gulf Coast, Jesus has authority over storm. Put your faith in Him and do not fear. He is with you! 

Whether you are one who is facing a natural storm or a personal storm there is peace and rest for you that can calm every fear. 

Once again He speaks the words, 

“Peace! Be still.”

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