Clearing the Cobwebs

Kathi Pelton

I saw a vision of angels with long poles with with what appeared to be feather dusters on the end of the poles. They were going through a house removing cobwebs in “hard to reach” places. 

The Lord is removing even the signs and “proof” in the lives of His people that the enemy once occupied. Like a spider, he was not invited or wanted but came and spun a web to reproduce in lives and homes. Angels have been sent out on assignment to clean house of the old cobwebs.

Expect to see more clearly, to have remembrances of old “invasions” and uninvited assignments sent against you and your family to now be removed. The signs and scars will now be removed from your life. The proof of the enemy’s occupation and any sense of ownership regarding areas of your life (your home) will now be removed. 

After I saw this vision I saw a second vision. In the second vision I saw angels in white hazmat suits came and they began clearing what is called smoke webs. 

When our family home burned in 2008 the rooms that were left standing had large black cobweb-like formations throughout them. I am quite clean and am diligent about dusting and removing cobwebs so I wondered where these came from. When one of the fireman overheard me me talking about it he told me,

“Those are not cobwebs formed by spiders but smoke webs formed by the burning of synthetic materials.” 

There has been a refining fire that has come upon the lives of God’s people. In the midst of this refinement we can now see the residue of what was burned that was not holy but rather “spiritually synthetic”. These angels have come to remove the smoke webs from the rooms of our lives.

The enemy hates what is organic (Holy) and tries to usher in what is synthetic (unholy). He uses unnatural things to usurp God’s truth and how He created people to live. If we can use the word “organic” to speak of the purity of how God set up creation to move and function and the word “synthetic” to speak of the imitation or unnatural distortion of God’s ways we can better understand what God is doing. 

This refining fire has burned up all the “synthetic” parts of our lives to restore us to the “organic” and purity of God’s original intent. Do not be distracted by these smoke webs or even the cobwebs because they are now being removed. You will have no smell of smoke upon you and no remembrance of old occupations. This has not been a demonic or destructive fire but a holy fire that is removing the old to bring forth the purity of the new in the lives of believers (this is not in reference to any natural fires that have been happening but only the Refiner’s fire that has been spiritual).

Continue to yield to this work of the Spirit within your life. Invite Him to come and finish this work and send His angelic helpers. It is a sovereign work, not a work of the flesh or human strength. 

Then he said to me, “This is the Word of the Lord to Zerubbabel saying, ‘Not by strength nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the Lord of All.  Zechariah 4:6

He makes all things new!! 

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2 responses to “Clearing the Cobwebs”

  1. Hi Kathy,
    I just wanted to tell you how much your Words of Encouragement have helped me thru the most difficult time if my life.
    I am asking God to Bless you & am looking so forward to being a blessing to your ministry SOON as the Lord releases into this new season in my life. Whew. God knew I needed an Ocean in the Desert.


    1. I’m so glad that my writing have been a blessing to you during this season of your life!


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