When God Walks Into the Room

Kathi Pelton

There’s a worship song by Bryan and Katie Torwalt called “When You Walk Into the Room”. For the past two nights this song has played in the background of my dreams all night. The lyrics to the song are as follows,

When You walk into the room

Everything changes

Darkness starts to tremble

At the light that You bring

And when You walk into the room

Every heart starts burning

And nothing matters more

Than just to sit here at Your feet

And worship You

We worship You

We love You

We’ll never stop

We can’t live without You, Jesus

We love You

And we can’t get enough

All this is for You, Jesus These words are so very true. When Jesus walked into the room of our lives everything changed…darkness trembled at His light and His presence became our greatest longing. 

When we invited Jesus into the rooms of our life His Spirit took up residence within us and now when we walk into a room so does Jesus. Did you know that you are the carrier of that very light that causes the darkness to tremble and His presence to permeate the atmosphere? 

Yes! Every place you step brings fear to the darkness and beauty into the room. The enemy would like to blind God’s people from the reality of the truth of who we are and Who we carry within us. Nonetheless, it is true! 

Just as the children’s Sunday School Song, “This Little Light of Mine” says,

“Hide it under a bushel, NO, I’m going to let it shine.” 

Never let your light be hidden under a basket (bushel) of unbelief. As we enjoy the great and endless benefits of sitting at His feet, let’s take that fire and go light up the darkness and warm the cold hearts with Jesus. Where we go He goes and everything changes. Let your faith arise to believe in Who you carry and let Him overflow and permeate every place you go. 

You may feel small but the One who created the Heavens and the Earth lives within you. The Light that causes all darkness to tremble shines forth from you and the One that changes hearts burns within you. 

Today, go out with the knowledge of Who lives within you. When you walk into a room so does Jesus! Let Him shine, let Him shine, let Him shine.

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One response to “When God Walks Into the Room”

  1. Amen Mrs.Kathi, always a blessed spirit when you share your words from God, blessings and safe travels.


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