By Kathi Pelton

Today I have been pondering the word, “HELD”. It was prompted by a word the Father gave me for one of my sons yesterday. It was the only word He spoke but it carried such a message of love, protection, comfort and intimacy upon it.

We must know that we are HELD in the arms of a loving Father who seeks to love and protect us as His children. His embrace is constant. When we are afraid, when we need comfort, wisdom, love, nurturing or the care that only a true daddy can bring.

Oh to be held in such as way that we stop striving or fighting for ourselves! And yet as God’s children this is our reality. So often we pull away as if it is too good to be true. We run away to self protect and fight in our own strength because it is so hard for us to believe that we belong to a Father whose arms are big enough to shelter us in the way we long for. All that we long for is completed in His embrace.

Today He wants you to know that you are HELD!!