I Woke Up Hearing, “Tell My Sons and Daughters How Much I Love Them!”

by Kathi Pelton

As I woke up this morning I immediately felt a rush of deep emotion and heard these words, “Tell my sons and daughters how much I love them!” My eyes filled with tears because of the raw emotion in His words. His words touched the depths of my soul.

Then He said, “The demons have been sent out on a campaign to convince my children that they have failed, that they have somehow fallen away, drifted too far or done something that has separated them from My love. Tell them this; nothing can separate them from My love! I am closer than ever and long to calm their fears and assure them that I am near. Oh how I love My children! Tell them that!”

Then I saw angels that had been held back by a great battle in the heavens break through the resistance and rush to those who had been attacked by these demonic lies and torment. They rushed with a healing balm and pure water to heal the wounds caused by this fierce attack.

I saw our beautiful Savior bend down from Heaven and He wept with such love over His sons and daughters pain. His tears became a washing from the “filthy lies” they had been barraged with. They were being cleaned by His tears of love.

It reminded me of the time many year ago when one of my sons began to believe some terrible lies about himself and I just took him in my arms and said, “That is not who you are or how I see you!” I just held him as we both wept until he knew he was loved once again.

His love is stronger than the grave! Be restored to His great love right now! Oh how He loves you and how pleased He is merely with your desire for Him. When you fall He rushes to pick you up, when you fail He is so proud of your effort, when you get scared He is so quick to calm your fears. He is right there with you— right now!


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Oh, how He loves you! A Valentines Note from Jesus…

For those of you that feel a pang of pain on Valentine’s Day because you don’t have that “someone special” to spend it with or who will shower you with their adoration; the Lord wants you to know this…

You can never be more loved and adored than you are right now! You take His breath away, you capture His heart and cause His affections to be poured out over you like rain. His love for you is deep, wide and fierce. He will forever be your Bridegroom who gave His all for you. If you had been the only one, He would have still poured His all out to purchase you for Himself.

Today, He chooses you as His own. You are His beloved and He will shower you with a love that will not fade like vases of flowers. His love will bloom brighter day after day.

Happy Valentines Day Beloved ♥️


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It’s Time to Forgive Yourself

Kathi Pelton

As I awoke this morning I saw our good Father breaking chains of regret, shame, humiliation and bitterness off of His sons and daughters. Then I saw Him lift their heads and say,

“It’s time to forgive yourself.”

There was such love and kindness in His touch and in His eyes. He then removed heavily weighted backpacks that each one was carrying that were packed with regrets. They were regrets about decisions that they had made, sins they had repeatedly done, relationships they had violated and pain they had caused. I knew that these sons and daughters had opened these backpacks many times and look through them which caused them to hold onto unforgiveness against themselves.

As the Father removed the weight of regrets off of their backs angels came with jars of water and oil to wash and anoint their feet, their hands and their heads. The Father then lifted them to their feet and presented them to His Son, who had His hand outstretched to them. As they took His hand He began to dance with them as a bridegroom would dance with his bride.

As they allowed Jesus to embrace them He whispered in their ear the words from Song of Songs 4:7,

“You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.”

God is removing the regrets that have caused His sons and daughters to be weighed down. He is saying, “It is now time to forgive yourself.” Exchange that pack of regrets for the beauty of redemption. Take the hand of your Beloved Jesus and let Him whisper in your ear the words that you’ve longed to hear and that He’s longed to say,

“You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.”

Today is the day and now is the time to let all regrets go and allow the beauty that He sees to wash over you.


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I Shall Not Fear

Kathi Pelton

Today, as I waited on the Lord, I saw a vision of a huge arm pulling a small child close. The arm was so big and the child was so very small that it shielded every part of this vulnerable child.

Then I began to hear the words from Psalm 91,

“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.”

In Him I will trust! Often as we grow from childhood to adulthood, we feel a sense of independence and begin to take the burdens of life, provision, and responsibilities for others upon ourselves. Though we must work hard and be responsible, we must not become independent from the care of our Father. We are fully dependent for every good thing. We must take only His light burden upon ourselves and know that He has a future and hope for us.

As we look at some of the things that men and women of God in the Bible did, we must realize that they were able to do these things only because they were yielded and surrendered to Him.

Moses could not have delivered the Jews from the captivity of Egypt had he not yielded to allowing God to move through his life. Abraham had to yield to see the promises of God made manifest in his life. Mary had to yield to carry the task of being the mother to our Messiah.

In all these examples, and many more, their yielding was their obedience to surrender to God’s will rather than their own. God often asks us to do the impossible, but our response and responsibility in the request is to first yield by saying yes. Then we surrender even deeper by allowing ourselves to become fully dependent, and in doing so, we enter into a trust that shatters natural fears.

…I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.

We shall not fear because we dwell in the secret place, under the mighty arm of our God.

“Do not be afraid of the terrors of the night, nor the arrow that flies in the day. Do not dread the disease that stalks in darkness, nor the disaster that strikes at midday. Though a thousand fall at your side, though ten thousand are dying around you, these evils will not touch you. Just open your eyes, and see how the wicked are punished. If you make the Lord your refuge, if you make the Most High your shelter, no evil will conquer you; no plague will come near your home. For he will order his angels to protect you wherever you go. They will hold you up with their hands so you won’t even hurt your foot on a stone.” Psalms‬ ‭91:5-12‬ ‭

Like the child in my vision, who was vulnerable while left alone but fully shielded as he was drawn near, so are we left vulnerable to the battle unless we allow our lives to be drawn under the shadow of His wing and trust with childlike faith in His faithfulness.

Once again I am taken back to Zechariah 3 where Joshua the high priest did nothing but stand while the Lord did for him what he could not possibly do for himself. Today we stand in the silence of perfect trust, of surrender, and of protection. We allow His wing to be like the white linen that covers our nakedness and protects us from the battle.

We shall not fear for He is our refuge!

“The Lord says, “I will rescue those who love me. I will protect those who trust in my name. When they call on me, I will answer; I will be with them in trouble. I will rescue and honor them. I will reward them with a long life and give them my salvation.”” Psalms‬ ‭91:14-16‬ ‭

These are His words to His children. We are honored and rescued…we are saved!

(Day 14 of 40: The Yielding)




By Kathi Pelton

Today I have been pondering the word, “HELD”. It was prompted by a word the Father gave me for one of my sons yesterday. It was the only word He spoke but it carried such a message of love, protection, comfort and intimacy upon it.

We must know that we are HELD in the arms of a loving Father who seeks to love and protect us as His children. His embrace is constant. When we are afraid, when we need comfort, wisdom, love, nurturing or the care that only a true daddy can bring.

Oh to be held in such as way that we stop striving or fighting for ourselves! And yet as God’s children this is our reality. So often we pull away as if it is too good to be true. We run away to self protect and fight in our own strength because it is so hard for us to believe that we belong to a Father whose arms are big enough to shelter us in the way we long for. All that we long for is completed in His embrace.

Today He wants you to know that you are HELD!!