Awakening Sleeping Beauty


Kathi Pelton

I sat down to wait on the Lord and saw that todays date is the first of June; when I saw the date I also saw a vision of a beautiful princess awakening after a long sleep.

I asked the Lord what this meant and I heard this,

“The King’s princesses are awakening now and will arise in their true identity, authority and beauty.”

The name June means “YOUNG”. I feel that many young women will arise this month and come onto the scene as young Esthers; who will approach the King with boldness and then go forth in authority to see many of the enemy’s plans thwarted.

Then I saw a vision of the older women arising as well. They arose in a renewed strength, beauty and authority. A queens crown was placed upon their heads and as they stood up there was a sense of awe in all who saw them. These queens stood with great authority that demanded attention. It was like everything around them stood still in awe and waited with baited breath for what she would say.

I believe that this vision of the princesses speaks of the emerging of young women in ministry that will capture the attention of many, due to the way they represent the King; in a humble authority that reveals His beauty.

I also believe that the vision of the queens arising speaks of many of the older women coming into a greater authority and promotion in the Kingdom. They will carry an authority that demands a response. They will also be in great demand because of this mantel of authority that they are carrying.

The enemy has tried to keep these women down (like in the story of Sleeping Beauty where the jealous witch caused her to be in a death-like sleep) but the King has kissed them and awakened them.

June has always been the “month of brides” and this June is no different. The bride has been prepared and now is awakening on this first day of June, having been made ready to rule and reign in her royal authority.

I understand that the “Bride” Biblically is both male and female but this word is specifically for the daughters (women).

Get ready because Sleeping Beauty is about to awaken!


Personal Note: 

Dear Ocean in the Desert Readers,

In the past six months our family has faces many trials due to the car accident on January 3rd. Due to Kathi’s injuries we have had to cancel all international travel and limit our domestic travels. Kathi meets with a surgeon this month to deal with two of her injuries. We are asking for prayer from our friends and ministry partners; for wisdom, favor and healing. Our livelihood comes from full time itinerant ministry therefore this car accident not only brought physical challenges but also financial challenges. 

If you can pray for us at this time we would be so very grateful. We are believing for healing, more ministry partners who will come along in this season to support what God has us doing financially and more prayer partners. If you desire to partner with us please fill out the form below.

Thank You,

Jeffrey and Kathi Pelton