Can You Feel the Mountains Tremble?

Kathi Pelton

As I waited upon the Lord this morning I felt a great movement. At first it sounded like a pulse beating; like the pulse of Heaven and it was increasing rapidly. Then I felt in my spirit a shaking that was like an earthquake that was responding to the pulse of Heaven. Then I began to hear the words to the song, “Can you feel the mountains tremble, can you hear the oceans roar, when the people began to sing of Jesus Christ the risen one.” 

The Lord is moved in the place of His Holy habitation on behalf of His beloved ones. I see Him rising up as a man of war with the scales of justice and mercy in His hands. I see Him raising up the scales and as He does I see mercy triumphing over judgement for people, for families, for nations and for His Church. 

The enemy decrees judgement but God is decreeing mercy! Although you have felt a great pressure, oppression and even a sense of judgement over your life, the Lord is rising up from His mercy seat and declaring mercy, mercy, mercy over you. 

This declaration is causing the mountains that have stood against you to tremble and bow down, it is causing the oceans that have raged against you to part so that your can cross over and the Risen One has risen on your behalf. 

Begin to sing and enter into thanksgiving because the Risen One has stood up on your behalf.

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