He is Longing Just to Be With You

Kathi Pelton

I awoke this morning experiencing the deep longing of God for His people. It was like the longing of a young man in love and his yearning to be with the one his heart loves.

In the midst of all of the equipping, ministering, growing and refining there is a deeper place that causes all of those things to become more than the “things we do” but rather an overflow of intimacy. There is a longing in the heart of God that is greater than what you do; it is the longing just to be with you. In that place of unbridled intimacy we are compelled to run with Him wherever He goes and do whatever He is doing.

He wants to be known. Not know only by knowledge but to be known in the place of one on one intimacy. He doesn’t only want to be studied but He wants you to experience the depths of His love. Within the chambers of intimacy you will be filled and begin to truly overflow with the love that the world is longing for.

Many religions have good ideas and practices that are appealing to the human soul but there is only one that goes beyond religion into personal relationship and intimacy with that God. Jesus is the doorway to that chamber.

He is longing to spend time with you in the chambers of intimacy. If you don’t know how to go there then ask the Holy Spirit to take you there. Don’t give up because it takes time to move beyond all the distractions of our souls but it is a “worthwhile wait”.

When I was a teenage girl I fell in love for the first time with a young man who had a habit of being “late”. I remember standing for hours looking out our front window to see if he was coming. My heart would pound with longing to see him and when he’d finally arrive it was always “worth the wait”. Will we love Jesus that way? Will we wait and watch until we experience the fulfillment of the desire for intimacy? Though He is never late, often we have to be trained to wait and allow the longings of our heart be awakened.

Today, He is waiting for you. He is looking out Heaven’s window to see if you will come and embrace Him. He has waited a long time, even while you were busy with other things. He waits with His heart pounding in anticipation of taking you in His arms and experiencing mutual love.

He died longing to be with you!


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3 responses to “He is Longing Just to Be With You”

  1. Love this post! So, so true! It is all about relationship… not religion! Thank you for sharing! I invite you to read my latest post on my Blog entitled “to be continued…”


  2. So very precious. Thank you .


    1. You are welcome! ♥️


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