Pursue the Experiential Presence of God

Kathi Pelton

God is not your “pen pal” or a distant lover. He is ever present and always available to you. I think at times we have reduced our Beloved to an online friend or someone who we communicate with but rarely embrace and experience on an intimate level.

Today I continue to feel His longing for you (and me!). He is not satisfied with you just “knowing” about His presence but He is asking you to pursue the experience of His presence. All too often I hear believers tell me that they “know God” but have rarely felt His presence or experienced the intimacy that He created us to live in.

The Holy Spirit is more than happy—He is eager—to usher you into the experiential presence of the Lover of your soul. Ask Him to take you to the place of intimacy and experiencing His tangible presence. He will remove all obstacles and hindrances that have kept you from this personal place. Take the time to yield your spirit, soul, and body to allow the Spirit to usher you over the threshold.

You were created to experience His manifest presence! Almost twenty years ago, I was completely caught off-guard when the Spirit took me into a thirty-day experience, in which I felt His manifest and tangible presence day and night. This was the threshold of my journey into true intimacy with Jesus. During this thirty-day period, I could feel His presence in the very cells of my body. There are no words that can adequately describe the transformation that occurred and the healing I received during that time.

Recently the Spirit told me,

“What happened before will happen again.”

I believe that what I experienced almost twenty years ago will happen again; not only to me but to many!

Our oldest son, Corey, was born with a neurological disorder that was quite debilitating. On the night of his fifteenth birthday he experienced the presence of God descending upon him and angels ministering to him. That night he was healed! It set him free and he was able to thrive in school and sports, and he went on to graduate from university with a degree in media. During his years in university his symptoms returned with a ferocity that caught us all by surprise. For the past eight years we have fought on our knees to take back the healing that the enemy stole from him.

He is now a married father of two boys (and a third baby on the way). He functions in a leadership role at a large church, but the symptom have remained ever-present in his life. These symptoms seemed to have replaced his encounter with the healing presence of God on his fifteenth birthday. Two weeks ago he was intentionally pursuing the presence of God in his office, and he suddenly felt God come upon him in a tangible way and remove something from his chest. As that happened, deep peace entered him and his healing was restored. Since then almost all symptoms have gone, and it seems that daily he is being freed from the last of them.

The pursuit of His presence restored what the enemy had stolen! I believe as Corey—and as you—pursue His presence more than any other thing, you will see great restoration in every area of your life. If I have a 2018 resolution it is that I will pursue His presence and the experience of His presence each day.

Will you join me? Let’s experience the deep places, the beauty of Christ, the intimacy that God longs to share with you. This is the year for the Bride to experience her Beloved and the fullness of His love.


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6 responses to “Pursue the Experiential Presence of God”

  1. Yes, yes, yes. Love His presence, it’s what forever changed me in 1986. I went from head knowledge to experiential knowledge. Forever in love with Him!


  2. This is what I desire….


  3. Amen – so well written – and sought after – there is nothing like it – the manifest tangible presence of God – oh I want feel His presence so much more

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Isn’t His presence so, so good!


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