God is Restoring Awe

Kathi Pelton

Yesterday morning the Spirit spoke to me,

“I am reconnecting the disconnect that has stolen the ‘awe’ from My people.”

During our worship service there was a tangible and corporate manifestation of awe for all that He has done for us. As the high praise came upon the entire congregation, we began to experience a connection with the worship that goes on in Heaven, as well as a depth of wonder and gratitude was transcendent.

I was aware that we had only just begun to experience and touch this realm of glory and majesty. It was a kiss from Heaven, a glimpse of His face, and a mere touch of what we will begin to experience in this new day.

The Spirit is about to restore the awe of the love of God back to His people. The demonic assignments that have resulted in a “disconnect” or dullness will suddenly be broken as His people posture themselves in surrendered worship. People will begin to experience a transcendental reconnection with His beauty and majesty. This will transform lives.

In the midst of these worship services, where what is seen in heaven is experienced on earth, people will be set free from depression, pain, bitterness, anger, lack of vision, and disease. Miracles will happen as people look upon the face of Jesus.

A few years back my husband and I were honored to be invited into the home of the woman that the first miracle of the Latter Rain Movement flowed through. She was 104 at the time and yet such beauty and dignity was upon her. She was an integral part of this movement and she saw many miracles (until some leaders came into error in later years). During our visit she shared with us that there was a “sound” that would happen during worship and it was the sound of heaven touching earth. When the sound came so would the miracles. She also said that she was living to hear that sound once again.

I believe that we are about to hear the sound once again. We have just begun to touch it, but this will go beyond a mere touch and it will transform the atmosphere of earth with the atmosphere of heaven. Men, women, and children will experience the awe of God. They will tremble and be overcome with His beauty and the revelation of His love. People will be saved without a word being spoken; they will see God.

We say, “Yes Lord! Even so come!”

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