What Has Appeared “Unobtainable” Will be Obtained

Kathi Pelton

My husband and I went out for a day together this week and as we were walking through a shopping village we came upon a mother and son walking with a goose on a leash! Not only was this goose on a leash (walking very obediently) but it was wearing a dress and a string of pearls.

I honestly had a moment that I wondered if I was in a dream or a prophetic vision because it was so surprising. We stopped and took photos as if we had come upon a person of great fame.

Since that day I have had the strongest sense that this was a prophetic picture that the Spirit wanted to define for me. Today as I waited on the Lord I heard Him speak the words,

“The goose has been tamed!”


Then He went on to say,

“Many of My people have felt like they have been on a ‘wild goose chase’ that kept them chasing the unobtainable but if they will chase after Me I will tame that goose. What they have chased after will suddenly be obtained if they will chase after Me!”

The interesting thing about this goose was not only how tame it was but how it walked with such dignity; wearing a spring dress and a string of pearls.

When I remembered the dress with brightly colored spring flowers I felt that it was a prophetic sign of this coming spring being a time of obtaining that which has seemed unobtainable. It is interesting because it is in the months of March and April that pearls are harvested and this goose wore a string of pearls.

Pearls represent the Kingdom of God and the Word of God. A string of pearls is often seen as alignment and unity with those treasures of great price. God has been actively aligning His people with the ways and truths of His Kingdom and His written Word. He is causing His people to refocus what they chase after. This alignment is causing a “taming” of that wild goose that has caused many to chase and yet not obtain (possess).

I believe that January and February are months to pursue HIM more that anything else that you’ve been chasing after. As you do this you will suddenly see “everything else added to you.”

“Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.” Matthew 6:33

The wild goose chase that many have been on for so long will finally end and that goose will be tamed. Honor and dignity will be restored and people will stop to look upon your life because you will be a walking sign and wonder. You will wear the prize of Christ and His Kingdom like a string of pearls.

First and foremost, Jesus is who we chase after! Anything else, as our focus, is utter foolishness. As we chase after Him everything else is added or obtained. This has been proven true and sure in my life and will prove true in your life as well. He is the doorway, He is the place of access and He is the great prize!

The Lord gave me a prophetic word for someone this past month that said,

“Chase after God as if your life depends on it…because it does!”

This was not a negative word of threat but it was a word of promise and exhortation backed by the cheers of Heaven. God was shouting, “Run! Run after Me and watch what I will do for you! Everything else will be added to you.”

Stop the wild goose chase and chase after Him alone; then watch as even that which you chased after before is obtained.


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