Sovereign Restoration Is Being Released

Kathi Pelton

The Lord has shown me the scales of justice being balanced. The enemy has brought about many injustices against God’s faithful people but those very injustices are now being reconciled, causing restoration in the lives of His faithful ones.

Suddenly your enemies will turn and bless you. Suddenly those who have stood against you will stand with you. Suddenly those who have caused you great pain will celebrate you and bring you great joy. God’s justice is even now balancing the scales to bring about restoration. Wrongs are being made right and where you have been misrepresented, mistreated, and betrayed; suddenly you will be “highly favored”.

The King of kings is establishing justice on behalf of those who have kept His ways and followed His commandments. He is establishing His rule and decreeing His favor upon their lives. He is setting in place those who will walk with His authority and anointing them with a “kingly” anointing.

When Solomon was anointed king by his father David, the enemy was already executing his plan to place someone else on the throne (1 Kings 2). God used Nathan the prophet to orchestrate the fulfillment of the promise David had given to Bathsheba—that Solomon would sit upon his throne. This scene is a picture of what God is doing in this hour. Just as in the days of Solomon, the enemy has sought to usurp God’s promises and plans, but God is orchestrating the restoration and fulfillment of His decrees. Suddenly those who have crowned themselves with authority through pride and arrogance will bow before the true sons and daughters—the ones on whom the King has bestowed the right to sit with Him upon His throne. Humble kings are being established and wisdom will flow through them with both justice and mercy.

The Spirit of the Lord showed me that the power of sorcery is now being dealt with—and dealt with severely. Sorcery is the use of power gained from the assistance or control of evil spirits. Many of God’s people have experienced this demonic power against their lives. God is giving those who have used sorcery a choice to repent and humble themselves or be taken out. This judgment against the evil spirits that are behind sorcery will bring great restoration to God’s people. It will also set many men and women free from the spirit of Jezebel that has controlled them. This freedom will begin by restoring individuals and families, and then spread to restore people groups, regions, and nations. Wicked deception will be exposed and the righteous judgments of God will break the back of the spirits behind it. Individuals who have manipulated people and circumstances through this power will be given a choice: humble yourself and receive mercy or be judged.

God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.

The opposition that has become a stronghold against the promises of God will be broken and begin to crumble like the walls of Jericho. Do not lose hope and remain faithful even in the midst of the trials that you are facing. God is bringing about your restoration!


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