Self-Protection or Trust? An Invitation into Trust


By Kathi Pelton

During a time of worship I saw a large wood and iron gate that was closed. The gate was so high that I could not see over or beyond it. Then I saw fire fall upon the gate that was so intense that both the wood and iron were instantly incinerated. Then where the wood and iron gate had been appeared a beautiful open gate made from gold. This new gate was wide open and light was everywhere. I saw angels rushing through this golden gateway.

I asked the Lord what the wood and iron gate was and I heard the words, “Self-protection”. I was shown how when God’s people go through broken relationships, painful experiences or disappointments they can easily enter into a place of self-protection. Unfortunately self-protection not only walls us off from the body of Christ but it also walls us off from experiencing the fullness of joy and beauty that we receive by trusting God.

God is inviting His people to allow His Spirit to incinerate these walls of self-protection so that you can fully experience His love and healing. Yes, it does require vulnerability but that is where trust comes in. I remember a time many years ago when a friend asked me if I promised that I would never hurt her. My response was this,

“I promise that if you walk closely with me I will at some point cause you pain but I also promise that I will walk through that pain with you and we will allow God to heal any pain that we unintentionally (or intentionally) cause one another.”

All relationships and love is a risk but to protect yourself from relationships and love is guaranteed to cause you pain. The only love that is not a risk is the love of God. He promises to heal you and walk with you through any pain that you experience as you allow the gate of self-protection to be removed. It is an invitation into trust. It requires vulnerability but it will result in beauty that can never be found behind the gate of self-protection.

I also saw angels flooding into the open golden gate. They were angels that came with everything needed to heal the pain and fears that resulted from past experiences. These angels had basins and towels to wash God’s people from the journey and the pain they had experienced. They also had new blueprints for the journey ahead. Some carried bread, fruit and provision for the new season and some carried new clothes, new shoes and balm to heal. The angels would not (or maybe could not) go through the wood and iron gate but quickly rushed through the open gate that replaced self-protection.

Let’s open up to the King of Glory, who is a loving Father and our precious Savior. We can be vulnerable with Him and trust Him to protect us and heal us if we experience pain as we open our hearts once again. Remember; Jeremiah 29:11 promises us this,

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”