God is Replacing Regret with Restoration

Kathi Pelton

As I waited on the Lord this morning I began to hear many voices speaking words of regrets. These were voices of believers and yet their words and thoughts began with the phrase,

“If only I had…..”

Regrets were in the forefront of their minds as they stopped to get silent and pray. These regrets caused them to want to stay busy, because stopping long enough to quiet their souls often brought forth flood of regrets and thoughts of “If only…”

If only I had…

• been a more patient parent

• been a more loving spouse

• been more generous

• been more loving

• been more faithful

• been a better friend

…and the list goes on.

Yet if we stop long enough for the soul to finish its laundry list of regrets, then we will find that at the end the Spirit of the Lord will come with a new list; a list of restoration.

I Am…

• a perfect Father who is patient with you.

• a passionate Bridegroom who sees only your beauty.

• a generous Father who holds nothing back from you.

• a loving God who gave His all for you.

• a ever present helper in your times of need.

• a faithful friend

…and the list goes on.

For all that we lack He is our “more than enough”. There is no regrets in Christ, only restoration.He makes all things new.

In repentance we find change and a holy exchange, where we begin to reap blessing that which we did not sow. God changes us and forgives and forgets our iniquities. Our “If Only” is exchanged for His “I Am”. Regrets are washed away by the flood of restoration.

As a parent I never want my children to live in regrets that cause their nights great sorrow. I only desire that they experience the beautiful gift of repentance that washes away stains, gives them a fresh start and a clean slate, and renews them with expectations of joy. This is the heart of God toward His children.

When Peter denied Jesus three times the Bible says that “he wept bitterly.” He came to the end of himself. His soul was filled with regret. As Peter’s regrets turned to repentance, we discover that Jesus’ response upon seeing Peter after His resurrection is to restore him. He first fills his nets with fish, then He cooks him breakfast, and finally He asks Peter three questions that all begin with,

“Do you love me?”

Peter’s answer of “Yes” was his restoration of relationship that repositioned him out of self and into Christ.

This is a picture of what the Lord is doing for His people even now. Many, like Peter, have come to the end of themselves. Some have even denied Him during the dark night of their souls. Yet, after a night of weeping and sorrows…joy comes in the morning. Our God has cooked us breakfast and set a banqueting table before us. He brings us into a new day and asks us the question that restores,

“Do you love me?”

We answer,

“YES! YES! YES! You know we love you!”

We now can move from regrets and repentance to restoration and renewed relationship. We can feed His sheep because it is no longer we that live but Christ who lives within us (Galatians 2:19-21).

Today is a new day and our Savior has made breakfast for His disciples once again. Sit down and eat with Him today. The night is over and “Christ in you” has begun.

(Day 15 of 40: The Yielding)


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