This is What a Good Father Does…

Kathi Pelton

Since this past September God has repeated a “theme” to me over and over. It is the theme of yielding and surrender to His ways and His will. He has had me write about it in dozens of different ways, given me many visions to bring life to the words and had me meditating on scriptures about surrender to give greater Biblical understanding. Quite honestly, I feel a bit like a broken record but for me to fully surrender I must obey…even if it seems repetitive.

Last night I was talking with the Lord and He spoke to me and said,

“Kathi, when you were homeschooling your children and teaching them to read how often did you have them read the same stories and words?”

I answered, “Daily. Until they recognized them and the words were known to them by heart.”

Right then I realized that God is being a good Father and good teacher to us during this time. He does not want to move on until we have learned that yielding and surrender is key to seeing His Kingdom come in our lives and on earth. Though it seems like this is part of the A, B, C’s of Christianity, often the most foundational truths are overlooked and not practiced intentionally which causes all other things to begin to fall apart.

Salvation begins with surrender and it should become a daily practice in every area. If the foundation crumbles or is compromised, then everything built upon it crumbles as well.

Often, little by little, we take areas back that were once fully surrendered to Him. We can allow hard circumstances to cause us to begin to hold onto things with our own strength and understanding. Many say, “I surrender all” but when natural circumstances cause our souls to feel insecure we can quickly take back control.

God is ridding His people of “conditional surrender.” That is when we surrender only to the point of personal discomfort or inconvenience. In other words, we surrender all until fear, lack of understanding, or frustration enters the picture and then we take it back.

This “conditional surrender” has become a place of accusation against the Father regarding our love for Him. It has become a place of accusation against the Father regarding His love for us. It has created warfare that has caused too many to fall away due to double-mindedness and doubt. I personally have watched people that I would never have expected fall away from the faith that they professed in God. As things didn’t go the way they expected, they took back what they had once surrendered.

How the heart of God must break when we take back what we once gave to Him! He has such beauty and blessings found in the place of complete trust and surrender. Yet, so many abandon the narrow pathway to go their own way when fears and doubts become the sign posts that they follow. If only we believed His Word! If only we believed in the midst of trials that He is forever faithful and true. If only we would yield to the assurance of our faith when we do not understand the way ahead.

If only!

I believe that there is a remnant that is yielding to absolute trust in Him. They have pushed through, and continue to push through, the resistance of their souls to discover again and again that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. There is an open invitation for those who have strayed to come home to the Father’s house. He waits with arms wide open to receive them back and to heal their wounded souls.

This is a time to surrender all. This surrender will usher you into His all! I believe that our surrender is even opening a way in the Spirit realm for others to come home. The journey on the narrow road isn’t always easy but it is always the way that leads home.

Today is a day of invitation. There is no condemnation but rather a loving invitation to surrender the burden; the load you’ve been carrying as you’ve tried to forge your own path. It’s a day to stop trying to find your own way and to allow yourself to fully trust again. You will never understand His path or His ways but He will never lead you astray. For those who have continued to surrender, there is a deeper place that He is calling you into. A deeper “all”.

So I repeat myself again today and invite you to pray the words of Mary found in Luke 1:38 that say,

“Be it unto me according to your word.”


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