It’s Time to Remove the Thief

Kathi Pelton

The enemy comes in many forms to kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10) but God comes to give life…abundant life!

One of the main ways that the enemy invades is through the door of the soul (your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions). Recently I saw a vision of Jesus going through rooms and it appeared that he was turning over tables—similar to his action in the temple—but when I looked closer it was thrones that were being turned over to displace those who sat upon these thrones. I asked the Lord,

“What are these thrones that have been occupied by imposters?”

He answered me,

“They are the thrones of the soul. Many of my people have had ‘enemies of the soul’ occupying them. I am displacing these thieves and taking my place upon the throne of their life.”

There are the enemies such as fear, unbelief, vanity, other “gods”, wrong beliefs, pride, and wrong identities that have enthroned themselves in your soul. These enemies are given a place of rulership and control over the soul of the believer as they are listened to.

It is time to allow Jesus to come in a topple them from the thrones of your soul! It is time for Jesus to be given his rightful place upon every part of your life. Your soul will be healed and free to experience abundant life as the enemy is displaced from having rulership over your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

Pray this prayer with me,

“Jesus, come and search every part of me. Topple the enemy in every place that he has set up a throne in my soul that robs me of abundant life and keeps you from receiving your rightful place. Right now I declare that the enemies of my soul are displaced and their thrones in my soul are overturned. Fear must go, unbelief must go, pride and vanity must go, victim mentalities must go, other “gods” must go and every thing that has exalted itself above Christ must now go! Jesus, there is to be one throne, and one King upon that throne in my life. I now say, ‘Take your rightful place in my body, soul, and spirit. Be enthroned in my life and establish your kingdom that ushers in abundant life for me.’”

Jesus overturn every throne that is not occupied by you in the lives of your sons and daughters. Go through the rooms of our souls and clean house. It is time and we freely give you permission to make our lives a temple of honor and a house of prayer where you alone are enthroned.



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