Rise Up…You Are Stronger Than You Think

Kathi Pelton

For those of you facing resistance and obstacles, know this…


The enemy attempts to keep God’s people bogged down by adverse circumstances;health, finances, relational issues, etc. He knows that if they rise up in their true identity and authority in Christ that the gates of Hell will shake.

The power of the One who lives within you will empower you to do the works of Christ…and even greater works.

When your emotions feel like giving up and your soul feels weary from the battle, don’t allow yourself to believe that you have failed or been defeated. Emotions are not the narrator of your faith; they are merely feelings.

There have been days in my life that, emotionally, I felt spent by wrestling down “what I see” but as I postured my spirit and actions in faith I overcame. We don’t overcome by how we feel but by what we believe and who we put our faith in.

“And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death.” Revelation 12:11

Feelings of fear do not equal failure! It is when fear becomes rooted and replaces your faith that you are in trouble. Even then, there is hope as you reach out to the body to lift up your arms when you no longer can on your own.

As we move beyond feeling and stand upon the foundation of our faith, then together, we come into the authority that Christ intends for us to walk and live in (individually and corporately).

This is happening like never before in our lifetime. The body of Christ is arising, despite circumstances that in the past brought defeat. We are arising to declare who is the King of Glory! We are opening the gates of our lives and our cities to the King of Kings. We are not being kept silent but we are raising our voices, our hands and our eyes to exalt the One that is worthy of all our affections.

Rise up! Lift your heads up and raise your voice to declare the truth of your faith.

I declare the strength of the Spirit into your limp arms. I declare the strength of the Spirit into your soul to shake off the shackles of despair. I declare the strength of God into your body, your soul and your spirit to rise up and declare Him as King today.

Because the Spirit of God lives within you…you are stronger than you think. Arise beloved. Arise for He is worthy.


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3 responses to “Rise Up…You Are Stronger Than You Think”

  1. Thank you Kathi!! How very very precious and timely ! Your words are so pure and deep … from your beautiful heart and your relationship with the King! I appreciate you 🦋🦋
    God bless you and your family . You are in my prayers !


    1. Aw, thank you for such kind words and the blessing upon our family ♥️


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