He is Carrying You Today

No matter what you are facing today, do not forget…God is forever faithful, forever good and so very in love with you!

He already has the answer and way for everything that stands before you. Let Him carry your burdens and and heal your pain.

His promise to you right this very moment is this,

“You can be strong and courageous today because I am with you. Do not be afraid precious one and do not be terrified my child, for I Am the Lord your God and I go with you; I will never leave you, forget about you or forsake you. You can trust me and put all that you are carrying upon me; for I am carrying you.” (Based on Deuteronomy‬ ‭31:6‬)

Oh how He loves you!

Kathi Pelton


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One response to “He is Carrying You Today”

  1. Angela Greenfield Avatar
    Angela Greenfield

    Please tell me who the artist is.


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