Has the Enemy Announced “Fake News” About You? God Is Announcing the Truth of Who You Are!

Kathi Pelton

The Spirit spoke to me today about the issue of “fake news”. He said that the enemy has been sending out demons to speak lies about who you are and what your future holds. But God is sending forth angels that carry His words of truth that will cancel and revoke the “fake news” that was sent to discourage and disarm you.

The truth is that you were created in the very image of Christ and you carry His beauty, His purity, His righteousness, His authority, His presence, His wisdom, His counsel, His faithfulness and His glory within you. That cannot be separated from those who have received Him into their lives. You lack no good thing and this is your truth and He is your true identity.

Though the enemy has come with fake news and bad reports about who you are and who He is to you, the Lord stands before that enemy and rebukes him on your behalf. Like in Zechariah 3, when the Lord rebukes the enemy who is accusing Joshua the High Priest, He is doing this for you. He is taking away the accusations…for even the accusations that the enemy has proof against you of are covered in the blood of Jesus that paid the price for all of your sin. The truth is that you are innocent and free from guilt and the captivity that held you.

I hear the Lord saying to Satan once again,

“…I, the Lord, reject your accusations, Satan. Yes, the Lord, who has chosen Jerusalem, rebukes you. This man is like a burning stick that has been snatched from the fire.””

‭‭Zechariah‬ ‭3:2‬ ‭

I stand with the Lord and declare that all bad reports and fake news against your life is officially exposed as a lie and published before heaven and earth as such. The truth now sets you free! You are clothed anew and the good news that is written in His Word…every promise…belongs to you.

The enemy has been exposed as a liar and all the accusations sent against you are now sent back upon him and his army. There is great rejoicing in heaven because you are free and it is His truth that has set you free. You are now set free from shame, free from the lies that cause you to hate yourself…for YOU WERE CREATED IN HIS IMAGE! You will love yourself and therefore you will love others in a way that you never dreamed possible. You will love the Lord with ALL of your heart and you will carry His glory everywhere you go. When you see you, you will now see Him!

I heard a prophetic song this morning that had a line in it that said these words, “When they see you they will see Me.”

The fake news was to shroud the image of Christ that you carry everywhere you go and to everyone you see. But His truth and His good news is now setting you free!

I declare over you and over me, “The truth has set us free!”

I see Christ in you and I see Christ in me…and He is beautiful, glorious and faithful to all who call upon His name.

Come on! Shout for joy because you have been set free.


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2 responses to “Has the Enemy Announced “Fake News” About You? God Is Announcing the Truth of Who You Are!”

  1. Barbara Riggenbach Avatar
    Barbara Riggenbach

    Thank you for this encouraging words! That’s exactly what I have experienced! The enemy coming against me Luke that! God has been speaking to me in awesome new ways for the last couple weeks and I was so excited to experience Him like that… and then I felt so tired and felt shame over things God and I dealt with a long time ago! Gifs words came at the right time and encouraged me! Thank you for letting God use you in such wonderful ways!


    1. You are so welcome! Isn’t God faithful to speak what we need right when we need it! ♥️


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