The Battle Is On

Kathi Pelton

For forty years the Israelites lived in the wilderness where their greatest battle was their own rebellion but when they finally crossed the Jordan to enter their Promised Land, they suddenly faced battles that required specific instructions in order to gain the victory and possess the land that flowed with milk and honey.

I believe that the church, the ekklesia, has spent the past forty years camped in the wilderness, but as we crossed into the Hebrew year 5778 we crossed a “spiritual Jordan” and immediately experienced a circumcising of our hearts. There was a cutting away of the flesh (even the familiar) and a purification from the things that were unholy and unclean. Foolish rebellion and fleshly resistance to full surrender were cut away. Some may still be in this process, but do not rush your healing because it is vital for the journey ahead.

Many are now experiencing genuine struggle for the sake of possessing the land that God has promised, suddenly facing giants and armies that require the counsel of the Lord. This is a time of battle, a time of acquiring the promise, and a time of occupying that promise. The giants are real, the enemy is real, war is real, but the victory is sure.

You may have to walk around the fortified city seven times to see the walls fall but surely they will fall! It is absolutely vital to seek the wisdom and instructions of the Lord as you face areas that seem fortified and too strong for you to penetrate. The spirits that the church is facing are the very ones that have wrongly occupied your promise and invaded the places of God’s inheritance. Do not attempt to take on these spirits—the enemies of God’s Kingdom—in your own wisdom or strength but stop to receive the counsel of the Lord and then obey His instructions. What you hear may seem foolish but as you obey, the Spirit of the Lord gives the victory.

“Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,” says the LORD Almighty Zechariah 4:6

A full surrender of every place in our hearts is required in order to make room for His Spirit to do what only He can do. This is why the enemy is coming with such strong distractions—releasing accusations and stirring up strife—because he does not want you to hear and obey the counsel of God that will break down the fortified walls he has build around your promise. The enemy is trying to push you into a counterfeit battle, engaging you in fruitless, exhausting warfare as you react to the distractions. The forces of hell want to keep you from the true battle where you will occupy the land of promise.

Once again…STAY FOCUSED! Keep your eyes on Jesus, keep your heart pure, remain surrendered to the Lord, and do not engage in battles that have been designed to delay you and distract you.

Victory is ahead as you hear and obey the voice of the Sprit. You have entered the land of your promise and now you must see the enemy’s walls fall so that you can occupy the city.

“I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from him.” Psalms‬ ‭62:1‬ ‭


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