It’s Time to Thrive: A Prophetic Picture That Will Set Many Free

Kathi Pelton

Over the past month I have been following a story on Facebook regarding a newborn that was having a hard time thriving. He had not been thriving in his growth, he was experiencing severe reflux and was losing weight even after nursing for hours and hours each day. After many trips to the doctors (with no clear answers), this week their newborn received his breakthrough when it was discovered that he had a “tongue tie” and “lip tie”.

This is a condition that restricts an infants tongue and/or lip from moving freely due to the frenulums (the small fold of tissue that restricts or secures the lip or tongue). A five minute procedure corrected this condition and now her baby can nurse without restriction. He can thrive!

As I saw the resolution of this story today, the Spirit showed me that there is an “all too common” spiritual condition that needs to be diagnosed and resolved that mirrors this physical condition called “Tongue Tie” or “Lip Tie”. It is an assignment that prevents His sons and daughters from thriving, from growing and from being able to receive what they need spiritually to grow.

I also saw it sent against those who have been anointing to release their voice (through speaking or singing) by tying their tongue and lips with a “fear that restricts them.”

If this is you or someone that you know then know that God is about to set you free! Just as the physical treatment for this condition is an easy fix, it is also an easy fix for our Great Physician. It is time to be free from this restriction that has held you down and kept you from thriving.

Pray with me,

“Father, thank you that You have created me to thrive, to grow and to have every part of who I am function without restriction. I break the assignment against my life of being spiritually tongue tied and lip tied. I receive the touch of Your Spirit that loosens my mouth to feed from Your Word, to drink of Your goodness and to grow in Your love. I reject every and all assignments against my life and my mouth to restrict me from thriving. I break the assignment of fear sent against my mouth that prevents me from speaking or singing freely. I declare that all assignments linked to the spiritual condition of being tongue tied or lip tied are canceled, revoked and broken now in Jesus name.”

As a prophetic act begin to move your mouth! God is even now setting you from free from this assignment and condition. Begin to use your voice to rejoice and declare your freedom.


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2 responses to “It’s Time to Thrive: A Prophetic Picture That Will Set Many Free”

  1. Brenda Montgomery Avatar
    Brenda Montgomery

    Yes I struggle with lip tie and wish that I was more confidence in my words. Please help me with this?


    1. God can and will set you free!! Pray the prayer at the end and keep declaring freedom over your voice.


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