Will You Receive The Garment Called “Vulnerability”?

Kathi Pelton

During our worship service on Sunday morning I saw a heavenly garment coming down over the people. As I saw this “garment” coming down it stopped just above the heads of the people in the congregation. Then I heard the words,

“Do you fully trust Me?”

I responded, “Yes Lord, you know that I trust you.”

My response released this garment to come down upon me and as it did a deep rush of His Spirit went through me, causing a vulnerability to come upon me that was deeper than I’d ever known. It removed places of “guardedness” that were upon my soul so that I could fully open my heart to trust Him in absolute vulnerability.

Then the Lord asked me to release this invitation to the congregation to allow the garment of vulnerability to come upon them as well. Now He has asked me to invite those who are reading this to receive it.

It is a deep encounter that words cannot adequately express. It is a place of being fully yielded; allowing your soul to be naked and unashamed before Him. This invitation into vulnerability is an invitation into deeper intimacy.

You may feel uncomfortable at first because the old garments of guardedness are removed but it will become the most beautiful gift you’ve ever received as you experience a new depth of oneness with Him. You will be taken into His heart and into the mysteries of His beauty in ways that you never dreamed possible.

You must know that this vulnerability will also expose the places that have been held you back from Him and from unity with His people. It will expose in order to cover and heal places that have not yet been fully His. But it will make room for more of Him.

He is inviting you to receive this garment. He will wrap you in His love as you receive it. He is trustworthy with all of who you are.

“Now the man and his wife were both naked, but they felt no shame.” Genesis 2:25


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