Kathi Pelton

Today is the last day that our youngest lives with us. Tomorrow he will live 600 miles away and today my heart aches to hang on just a bit longer.

Moms never believe that this day will come and when it does every rhythm and movement you’ve known in your life for decades suddenly shifts. The day that you become a mom your life becomes focused on raising, loving, nurturing, and praying for the amazing gift you’ve been given. It is your main ministry; and what an honor and high call! Then, suddenly the years have flown by and the youngest is ready to set off. You’re never ready for this…never ready to not be present for every first and their daily hugs…but nevertheless the day comes. For me it is today. Transition is here.

This is a time of transitions for many. It is a season where so much is changing, and what was once sure and familiar is now behind you. Jesus stands out upon the water that is before you and He is calling you to come to Him. His hand is a familiar hand, but the surface and place that He’s calling you to walk on is completely unfamiliar and unsure to all of your natural senses.

During times of transition it is vital to focus on His gentle and loving eyes that say, “Come; it will be alright; I’ll hold you up.” If you look at the unfamiliar surface or what looks like a place that you’ll surely sink then you will become overwhelmed and fearful. Look into His eyes and take His hand, then it will be a seamless transition into the new.

The rhythm is changing all around the world and in the spiritual atmosphere. Don’t try to hang onto the old or you will be sure to step on the feet of those God has called you to dance (move) with at this time. We must, like a flock of starlings, move and turn together according to the leading of His Spirit. The familiar dance and movements are shifting and we must take His hand as one body and learn the new movements.

If you find your life in sudden turmoil, make sure that you are not holding onto something old that is keeping you “out of step” from where the Spirit is calling His people. If suddenly you are stepping on toes or having your toes stepped on, check if your steps need to be reordered to align with the new rhythm, movements, and pulse of heaven.

As my son leaves our home tomorrow, my greatest prayer is that he will keep His eyes fixed on the One who is calling him out into this new place; that as he lets go of my hand, he will grab hold of the hand of the One who loves him even more than I do (how can that be!). My heart calls out, “Let Him teach you the new way to walk, Son.”

I hear the same prayer coming from your Heavenly Father for you. He is saying,

“Take the hand of My Son! He is trustworthy and will teach you to walk in the new place. Keep your eyes fixed on Him and He will take you from the shallows into the deep; for the deep is the new surface that you will walk upon.”

It’s okay to shed tears, but don’t look back for too long or, like Lot’s wife, you might get stuck in what was behind rather than what is ahead.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11.


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