Throw Your Net on the Other Side

Kathi Pelton

Everywhere l look I am seeing God’s people in the most beautiful and most painful time they’ve faced. It is beautiful because of the manifestation of the loving kindness of God and painful because of the loving kindness of God. His amazing grace that is causing all things to align with His love is also exposing every thing that has not received His glorious light. Not one stone in our lives is being left unturned.

It is such a time of dependency and surrender, as well as a time of absolute awe as we experienced His grace that ushers us into the depths of His heart. He is exposing every place that the enemy has hidden. Like snakes under a rock, the enemy is being exposed and crushed. Every lie and every place that has held us captive is being exposed to His light; preparing us to be carriers of His glory.

For those who will surrender there is great freedom and healing but for those who insist on holding onto the stones that these snakes hide under it will become a stumbling block for them. Let go! Do not fear the dark places because His glorious light will shine and set you free from every stronghold that has held you back from being fully His.

-Vision of The Boat and Net-

This past week I was taken into an experience in the Spirit where I found myself upon a boat. I was aware that I had been on the boat for a very long time and Jesus had been there with me. He had taught me how to navigate rough waters through dependency on Him and how to enjoy the times of still waters by resting in Him. The boat had become my ministry, my secret place, my battleground and the place of learning His ways. Then suddenly I turned around and realized that Jesus was no longer on the boat with me. I looked for Him but He was not there. Then I heard His familiar voice but it was coming from the opposite side of the boat. He was calling to me from beyond the boat. I looked and I saw Him upon the surface of the water. As I looked at Him I knew that the season of our time on the boat had been completed.

Then I heard the words,

“Daughter, throw your net on the other side. It’s time.”

As He said this I saw my life become the net. Angels were present on the boat to throw me out to Him into the depths. As I was cast out I began to be filled with His glory and the mysteries of His love that had been stored up for such a this as time. I was being filled like I never dreamed possible; filled to the point that I didn’t know if I could take anymore. He was filling me with His glory.

-Our Lives Are Being Mended-

Angels have been so present in assisting the Lord in mending the nets of our lives. Many are suddenly keenly aware of the activity of the angelic around the lives of God’s people at this time. It is because they have been sent to accomplish the word of the Lord. Even now they are preparing us to be thrown off the other side of the boat to be filled with His glory.

We say yes! We yield to the mending of our lives. We say yes to the angels who have been sent to mend and to cast us out into the depths of His glory and the deep mysteries of His love.


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