You Will Arise

Kathi Pelton

During this time of great transition and shifting there has also been great resistance against forward movement. The enemy doesn’t give up ground easily or willingly, but nevertheless, ground is being taken and occupied by the Kingdom of God.

Today the Lord took me in the spirit over a battlefield and I saw soldiers that had been knocked down and were lying on the ground, stunned and confused. These were skilled soldiers for the Kingdom of God and yet they found themselves knocked to the ground.

Then I saw mighty warrior angels attending to the needs of those who had fallen in the midst of the battle. They began to pick up these fallen soldiers and surround them with protection as the weary warriors recovered and regained their strength. Then as these “fallen soldiers”—who had not fallen due to sin but were knocked down by a great assault from the enemy—stood to their feet the Captain of Hosts (Jesus) appeared before them and He took hold of their faces with His hands and He kissed their heads. He looked into their faces with passionate love and such a deliberate focus that it broke the shock and trauma from the blows that they had taken. Then He breathed upon them and His life filled them, bringing forth full recovery.

Though these soldiers had collided with the enemy and taken a fall, leaving them stunned; now they came face-to-face in a holy collision with the restorative love of Jesus. These soldiers arose in the resurrection power of Jesus, fortified with overcoming authority that caused them to take the field before them.

If you have felt knocked down in the battle, get ready to arise with a power and authority that comes from a face-to-face encounter with Jesus. You will be given the ground that the Lord has put you on to occupy for His Kingdom.


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